The Funniest, Quirkiest and Meme-worthy Pug GIFs You’ll See!

If you’re like me, you turn to dog videos, GIFs, photos, and memes to make your day a little better. For bad days, it’s basically the only thing that can keep you sane. And among your collection of extensive memes and videos, there’s likely one or two pug ones.

Whether you’re in a bad mood or you want to feel a little better, here are some of the funniest and most meme-worthy pugs you’ll see.

Add it to your collection or bookmark this page so you can easily access it when you’re feeling the lowest of the low.

1. Rare footage of the first ever pugventurer riding his beloved “ship” and finding land for the first time.

2. This little puggerino is most likely dizzy right after chasing the car’s wiper.

3. That adorable little sneeze and the even more adorable expression after he knew you saw him sneezed.

4. The little one at the back is about to fall face down on the ground. And that little black pugger’s face is derpy – we love it so much!

5. Puggerino be like: “He’s right behind me, right?” and the cat be like “Don’t look back! Don’t take another step back!”

6. When you’re watching TV and someone you don’t like suddenly appears and starts talking…

7. Surprised little puggerino. Meme-worthy.

8. “Mom and dad said I should water the plants.”

9. That judgmental face…

10. “Bruh! What did you say?!”

11. Someone’s deep in trouble..

12. When your mom introduces you to her friends as a kid.

13. Every time someone says “Let’s eat!”

14. “Congratulations! It’s a bouncing baby pug!”

15. “What is this? Please take it off me. Please leave me alone.”

We hope you loved these pug GIFs as much as we did! And hope you also feel a lot better now you’ve been blessed by these wonderful creatures! Share your most favorite quirky pugs now!

Sugar Rush Who? 12 Pugs Love Eating Dessert First!

If you’re like most pet owner, you probably feed your dog whatever you have, as long as you know it doesn’t hurt them. For some, a sweet dessert treat is a good way to commend their little pugs for being good boys and girls.

And if there are two things pugs love, it would be sleeping and eating. They love their bowl of dog food and the bits of treats they get from being good boys and girls. But as they say, life is too short – we should eat dessert first.

Here are some of the most adorable pugs who love desserts and not afraid to get sugar rush!

1. Hooman loves teasing her little angels. But good things come to pugs who know how to wait!

2. Sweet watermelon for dessert! But poor pup doesn’t seem to know how to eat one.

3. “Mom brought me cupcakes!”

4. How about a close up of my boop while I eat this colorful treat? 11/10!

5. How to beat the heat? Some good and tasty popsicle! Brain freeze who?!

6. This blind dog got a treat for Christmas! Finally got some sweet cream for being a good girl all year-round!

7. An ice cream cone all for herself! What a lucky puggerino!

8. We love peanut butter, but dogs love it more especially when they get one whole scoop for being good boys and girls!

9. Ice cream tastes better when you share it with your best friend!

10. Good pup enjoying a popsicle stick for a hot summer day.

11. This frozen dessert treat is made especially for our furry best friends so no need to worry if you’re a new pug owner!

12. Nothing beats some nice ice cream after walking. #cheatday

These Hilarious Pugs Act Like You!

There’s nothing more amusing than seeing our pet dogs acting like us. It’s fascinating to see them act in parodies or actually acting like humans do. That said, here’s a list of the most hilarious and adorable pugs who are acting quite familiar for us.

1. This little cutie knows how to walk his own “baby” in a stroller.

2. I mean, you can’t differentiate this adorable puggo from a real baby right?

3. I bet he plays Fur Elise better than you can.

4. Any ideas what song he’s jamming to?

5. We’re all waiting for him to drop his album.

6. A reggae legend is born…

7. It’s more like “this pug is acting like what a human should do.” See that judging face? That’s what you get when you don’t throw garbage properly.

8. I will watch Game of Thrones if pugs portrayed them…and probably avoid all the killing.

9. He’d probably win an Emmy for Best Actor.

10. I don’t know what this is, but this is purely awesome.

11. I’d never miss a day at work if he were my boss.

12. Aye! Aye! Captain!

13. This dog’s a better surfer than I will ever be. What a brave puggo!

14. Adulting: enjoying shopping for groceries.

Pugs in Costumes: International Edition

If you ever feel down and need a good old laugh, you can search for “pugs in costumes,” and you’ll be having a grand time. These pugs are all adorable, some squeezed into their onesies and costumes. You’ll squeal out of delight and by the end of your search, you’ll keep wanting more.

That said, you don’t have to look anywhere else to find adorable pugs in adorable costumes. In today’s edition, we’re looking at “international” pugs – adorable little pups who look amazingly good in different national costumes.

Here are some of the most adorable pugs you’ll see that will make you feel good for the rest of the day!

1. These royal highnesses came from Suffolk, England and looked every bit as dashing as the real royal family.

2. This beautiful puggo brings a little bit of Paris, France with her Moulin Rouge-inspired headdress.

3. Sure, it’s only in Nashville. But these puggos look as divine as the gods, goddesses, demigods, and heroes of Greece.

4. Someone’s feeling the love for USA!

5. Is it North Pole or South Pole? It’s probably just winter somewhere, but this puggo brings some vibe from both the North and the South!

6. This adorable black pug keeping it simple yet patriotic for Canada Day.

7. It’s just a costume, but Goku might as well be Japan’s greatest gift to the world. Definitely not Yamcha.

8. We’re suddenly craving for some nachos, burrito, quesadillas, and tacos right after we see this little “Mexican” guy.

9. According to Irish myth, Leprechauns sit on a pot of gold. But this pug right here IS the gold.

10. They’d be great guards for the royal king and queen of pugs from number 1!

11. Game of Thrones? Lord of the Rings? Either way, it has strong Viking vibes, and these pugs grumpy looks make it extra convincing.

12. Another gentleman showing some patriotic and festive vibes for USA’s Fourth of July celebration.

13. This cute little matador looks as ready to fend of bulls in Spain!

14. Here’s an adorable cowboy from the West!

Which pug is your favorite? Do you have any photos of pugs in different national costumes? Share it with us and to the world!

Are Pugs Good with Kids?

We recently asked our Pug Community to answer this question:

Are Pugs Good with Kids?

Here’s what they had to say. Lets us know if you agree in the comments!

They are amazing with kids!



Yes. All my pugs have been awesome with kids!

Pugs will let kids dress them, put makeup on them, etc. Definitely yes
I have 5 pugs and they are awesome with my grandbabies. ❤️?

The best

Ummm yes lol

The act like kids and mine have always got along with my kids and then grandkids. The kids have energy and pugs love that!

They love children and act like two year olds.

Yes, but watch them with the dimmies, mine loved a dummy
Pugs love, love , love children AND babies! They are truly the best breed I have ever had with babies and kids!

My pug loves kids.

❤️?❤️? loving, funny little clowns❣️ My Lucy & Ethel couldn’t be any more spoiled any more than they are❣️They live everybody, especially little people❣️

They are the best!!!

I have two pugs and they are with my 5 grandchildren all the time ages from 8 months to five years . They are best friends

Pugs r lovers

My pugs were good my dals were best but still have pugs

Pugs are the best with children. Very lovable and cuddly with them. They will follow them all over!

Definitely great with kids! Both of mine would watch over our sleeping nieces and nephews! Also very playful with them

Pugs are harmless little pillows!

Pugs are good for everyone!

I have owned a lot of different breeds of dogs. Honestly the best around kids, other animals, furniture, etc, is a pug. Next best was the basset hound.

Pug is the absolute best dog I ever owned. The grandbabies love her and she follows them everywhere

They are the most loveable,loyal, friendly dogs ever. I can’t even call them ‘dogs’! They are babies in fur coats, unfortunately they shed like mad ?. I love my 6 and my Granddaughter was living with me from birth to 3 yrs old and she would sit in their beds with them! She’s 6 now and my fur babies are : 3, 9 years old and 3, 10 years old. ❤️

Absolutely!!! My 9 year old pug loves my little guy!

Yes, they are full of energy and love ❤️ to play… we would be all tired when we would get home…

Mine acts like he is so intreged with them…curious

Yes yes n yes

The best

Omg yes. My girls have played so hard with our pug but she just lays there and takes it. The best dog I’ve ever owned

Absolutely wonderful!!

When u see a dog dressed up it’s usually a Pug. That should tell u what kind of personality they have.

We adopted our pug at about 6/ 7 years old at the time I had a 3 and 6 year old and she is brill with the kids just over excited all the time ? x
My first pug would jump in the playpen with my daughter when she would cry. He would sit there with her until she calmed down. My daughter was 18 months old and he did this. He was so awesome with children and he is sorely missed.

Omg yes!!

My husband and I have a 2 month old and our two pugs are fabulous with her!! Very gentle and snuggly… and our male pugs loves licking her feet ?

Yes very loving pets. I had mine before i even had kids and she adores them as much as they adore her.

Pugs are the absolute best with kids! We got out first one when I started school. My family has had five of them through the years.

What Are the Best Mixed Breeds for a Pug?

We recently asked our Pug Community to answer this question:

What are the best mixed breeds for a pug?

Here’s what they had to say. Lets us know if you agree in the comments!

Pug\Boston mix…a Pugston!?

pug/ pek are a really beautiful mix . Very independent and individual Dogs but very loyal and loving . Chugs are very lively, noisy but oh so cute and full of love . I have one of each and they are Ying and yang

Pug husky

Chugs are adorable! Though I have 2 pugs , next time I would love a chug.
That would be interesting!

PUGGLE! 🙂 (Pug x Beagle)


I have a bugg. Pug and Boston Terrier. Awesome personality!

Pug and jack russell – Jug. My little lads fantastic..

Pug and Shih Tzu is great..

Pug French bulldog

Pug and pekingese.

Great Dane and pug

What Are the Pros and Cons of Having a Pug at Home?

We recently asked our Pug Community to answer this question:

What Are the Pros and Cons of Having a Pug at Home?

Here’s what they had to say. Lets us know if you agree in the comments!

Cons: The shedding – definitely the shedding – when I had more than one I joked that they were trying to add another pug to the pack, one hair at a time! And they are a bit stubborn in temperament

I have a pug with a broken front leg who is FORBIDDEN to jump down, jump up, walk more than a few steps to lift his leg. He doesn’t care – there are squirrels to chase!!! They can have separation anxiety – which can be cured with another pug-buddy.

Pros: Everything about them – they are warm, loving, funny, tolerant, cuddly, friendly, so easy to love! Their temperament is tolerant and they rarely act aggressively. They were bred to sit in the laps of Chinese women and eat off their plates – a goal mine have always attempted to achieve. I trained mine by rewarding them for doing what I wanted them to do and they have been super obedient to my rules. I’ve had pugs for 46 years, and I have loved every single one of them.

Shedding problem is a myth! They only shed once a year for 365 days! Lol
Lots of hair and snores as everybody says. But our girl is the sweetest most loyal dog we’ve ever had. She’s really getting old and doesn’t get around very well but doesn’t want me out of her sight. She cried when I come home after being gone even a short time she’s so happy I’m home.

Pro: Keep your vacuum cleaner on its toes.
Con: Replace vacuum cleaner every two years.

Pugs are awesome, but they are shedding MACHINES!I am on my 4th pug. As stated above, they do shed alot. But they love so fiercely that they want to be with you constant ant not only do they want to be with you, they want to touch you. So when they cuddle they want to be right up against you. I have had many breeds of dogs but the pug for sure is my favorite

Make sure to get their teeth cleaned or brush them as with any dog.

The shedding and snoring : )

I vaccumed almost every day and made sure to get their undecoats taken care of in the spring summer.. less to shed is less to vaccum..

The snoring.. I used a fan at night : ) neither would stop me from having a pug again.

Pros: everything. Cons: When you can’t be with them 24/7
If you find one that’s bred by an ethical breeder, shedding is the only con.

Well mine is docile and such great companions but they do shed alot, which is annoying

There is no better companion. They fill your heart and your lap (and often, your bed), and make you smile every day. They make sure you know you’re owned by covering you in hair. Easy going and easy keeping, though like all dogs, mind the vet bills.

Potty training can sometimes be a challenge, but I think they are absolutely the best companions…silly, fun, and so loving. They want to be with you all the time so make sure you’ve got an excess to give!

They shed a lot! And snore! But the love of a pug is unconditional!

They shed a lot, but all the love makes up for it!

Great dogs I trained mine to take down a full-grown moose

Lots of hair

They are loving, funny, all around great companions. Just don’t wear black….

What Surprised You Most About Owning a Pug?

We recently asked our Pug Community to answer this question:

What Surprised You Most About Owning a Pug?

Here’s what they had to say. Lets us know if you agree in the comments!

My 4 pugs always made me smile! When I’m sad they make me laugh. Best pugs ever

Cuddle babies!! And soooo smart.

How quickly they learn everything but potty training lol. They are so smart.

Hairy!! Omigosh they are the hairiest, most shedding dogs ever!!

They shed and vacuuming is a thing that will have to increase. You may have to clean out facial folds with qtips. Their ears need cleaned more regularly as well. Most are food motivated so they’re quick to train. They snore. They are excellent finders and watching them hunt a big outside is sort of amazing.

Loving & Very Stubborn, but one look at that cute face and it’s love ?
Elizabeth Le Beau-Trelfa Iv fallen in love with my boy unconditionally already. And he is only two weeks old ( don’t worry still with his mum) lol.

Pugs are so silly! My pug makes me laugh every day. I didn’t expect that. ?

I had a pug for 5 years, from 10 to 15 years old. Sweetest furbaby named Patrick. They do shed but brush them often. Find a place that does the deshedding treatment. Don’t go to petsmart for anything, you can’t see anything they do in the back. Always always have water handy in the car, your purse, and full dish at home. It’s very important they get plenty of water. Please try not to overfeed, it’s hard but their weight is a big issue. They eat their food fast, I had a bowl with a raised bone shape in the middle, helps them eat slower.

Yes, my Toby sheds bad. They have a double coat. He is very timid and hardly barks and always has to be touching me! Gotta love him! <3 I know everybody says it but the shedding was the most surprising for such a little dog I now consider pug hair a condiment and an accessory! I have a very sweet calm if not somewhat lazy little girl who’s going to be 10 on Wednesday. They are the most in tune with their owner dogs I have ever met. Ruby has a vast vocabulary and that little head tilt that she knows what you’re talkin about is so sweet. The LOVE….The love that they have for you & the love you have for them. It so wonderful!! Love my pug, she was a therapy dog. She is blind now. Love her to pieces The shedding! How they can shed as much as they do and still have a coat Shedding is the worst. My pugs make me laugh everyday. They love to cuddle, snoring makes me sleep like a baby. My best dog ever. Aunti Megan Hook, as an adult, it’s the only breed I’ve owned!! Be very careful on their body temperature! If they overheat, they could die! The yucky eye boogers and the farts are lethal!’ ? The snoring, but it’s over looked by the unconditional love and snuggles!!!

I recommend pugs highly. They’re smart, loving, mischievous, funny, snuggly, mine were easily trained, they shed, but just need to brush daily and run the vacuum. No big deal. They’ll make you laugh and you’ll fall in love. Wouldn’t know what to do without my babies. ❤❤ How loud they snore, although not all of them do. And the love You can give them ! The love they can give !

Goodbye comfortable sleeping position ! They are not what you would expect, I always thought they would be laid back calm dogs and they are super hyper, hard to train shed like crazy and bark a lot! But with that said they are also very loving sweet babies and I have 4 lol and you can never have enough pugs?

Pug glitter everywhere! They are so worth it. ❤️ I agree with the no personal space lol I knew they were companion dogs , but underestimated how much he would actually want to be in my lap ? I love it though . He’s my little buddy ❤️? They are love bugs and they can’t help being goofy. On a practical note, my first two were fawns and they shed……a lot. The one I have now is black and she doesn’t. And when I say that I have a pug, I really mean I’m owned by a pug. just how much I would love them and love their funny little personality They shed a lot ! But it’s all worth it !

How your life will never be the same!!! ? Snoring They are so loving. I was a chow owner before. I will always have a pug or two. They are addicting. All the shedding! And the lovely annal gland leakage The look in their eyes as just saying I love you You’re going to lose your pillow How loudly they snore!!!

Yes! I have had 3 and each time I did not think I could love one more. The capacity to love has blown out of the water. Each one was a joy Your home will be safe from unseen things and leaves Very loving ? Make you laugh all the time They train you, and tell you what they want. Very stubborn? The eternal pug glitter ? Absolutely no personal space. EVER. ?? Farking (bark with a fart). How loving and comforting they are. Their breath smells like roses

Can’t Feel Good Challenge: Pug Edition *SPOILER: You’ll Fail!*

No “awwww”-ing. No feeling giddy. No feeling good.

That’s the challenge but learn to accept that you’ll fail especially when you see these adorable little pugs who take “dog puppy eyes” to the next level. No worries, we won’t judge you if you fail as easily as we did in this challenge.

1. How can you not feel good about this cute little pup? I want to pick it up and put it in my pocket.

2. The eyes + that adorable hair clip = cuteness overload

3. He might stink, but I’ll still cuddle with this adorable puggo anytime.

4. Such a beautiful rescue dog!

5. I mean, look at those beautiful eyes!

6. Delilah, the pug serving puppy, eyed looks all day on her birthday!

7. Petunia’s probably giving the puppy eyes so she can finally get that cookie off her head and in her mouth!

8. *Dies of utter cuteness*

9. Who doesn’t love Doug the Pug? Fight me.

10. Hooman, how dare you deprive this precious puggo a slice of orange!

11. Same. Also, I’d like to buy this little one everything it wants to eat.

12. Can’t feel good challenge who? All my stress is gone by now.

13. Does obsessing over dogs count as unhealthy? Because I’m waaay too obsessed with these adorable pups.


15. Can someone please feed this precious baby?

16. The costume only made him look even cuter than he already is.

Bet you failed at feeling good, eh? No worries! We absolutely failed, too! But at least we enjoyed and de-stressed with these adorable pugs. Share your dog’s puppy-eyed looks with us too!

These Adorable Sleeping Pugs Will Cure Your Depression

If you are a pet owner, chances are your smartphone camera is always ready when your pup goes to sleep. Even when they don’t do anything, they’re basically the cutest subjects. Sometimes, you even catch some rare moments of utter cuteness.

If anything, sleeping dogs are a miracle, and they can most likely cure anyone’s anxiety and depression. In fact, you can watch a dog video a day, and it’ll make you feel a whole lot better.

So, without much further ado, here are some of the most adorable GIFs you’ll see. A word of caution: prepare to die of cuteness.

1. This pup is us when it’s a Monday morning, and we should be up early for school or work.

2. When you get too sleepy, you can’t even be bothered to lay down, but then you fall down and wakes up.

3. When you yawned too big, and you pretend like everybody didn’t just see your lungs.

4. Me trying to sleep and then someone says: “I’m hungry.” Food over sleep, y’all.

5. Your kids when they’re super tired and should be sleeping but still asking for a bedtime story.

6. This cute puggo looks so comfortable in his stroller!

7. This is exactly why you need to have your camera ready to capture such adorable moments. I wonder if he’s having some good dreams?

8. I wish I looked this cute when I’m sleeping, tbh.

9. Poor little puggo! And the other dog jolts awake as confused as the pug.

10. Me in my every “waking” moment, trying to function well.

11. Me trying to stay awake in class.


13. Me when I get wasted after a night out with friends.

Loved these little puggerinos and puggos? Share with us the most adorable videos and photos of your little pet pugs sleeping!

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