These Adorable Sleeping Pugs Will Cure Your Depression

If you are a pet owner, chances are your smartphone camera is always ready when your pup goes to sleep. Even when they don’t do anything, they’re basically the cutest subjects. Sometimes, you even catch some rare moments of utter cuteness.

If anything, sleeping dogs are a miracle, and they can most likely cure anyone’s anxiety and depression. In fact, you can watch a dog video a day, and it’ll make you feel a whole lot better.

So, without much further ado, here are some of the most adorable GIFs you’ll see. A word of caution: prepare to die of cuteness.

1. This pup is us when it’s a Monday morning, and we should be up early for school or work.

2. When you get too sleepy, you can’t even be bothered to lay down, but then you fall down and wakes up.

3. When you yawned too big, and you pretend like everybody didn’t just see your lungs.

4. Me trying to sleep and then someone says: “I’m hungry.” Food over sleep, y’all.

5. Your kids when they’re super tired and should be sleeping but still asking for a bedtime story.

6. This cute puggo looks so comfortable in his stroller!

7. This is exactly why you need to have your camera ready to capture such adorable moments. I wonder if he’s having some good dreams?

8. I wish I looked this cute when I’m sleeping, tbh.

9. Poor little puggo! And the other dog jolts awake as confused as the pug.

10. Me in my every “waking” moment, trying to function well.

11. Me trying to stay awake in class.


13. Me when I get wasted after a night out with friends.

Loved these little puggerinos and puggos? Share with us the most adorable videos and photos of your little pet pugs sleeping!

Friendship Goals! These Pugs Have the Best Kinds of Friendships

Friends are among the most important things we should have in this world. And if you’re a pug lover, it’s no surprise you treat your furry friends as one.

But besides their families, these pugs have amazing friendship with their fellow dogs – and even chickens? Here are some of the most adorable, hilarious and overall heartwarming images of pugs with their best friends.

1. This two new friends hit it right away! So adorable!

2. We’d like to befriend these two adorable puggos too!

3. Friendship does not limit who you should be friends with. Sometimes, two different creatures could share the biggest bond!

4. And some have their own toys as best friend. Toys does make little puggerinos happy!

5. I’m sure he’s also happy too. Just trying to blend in with his squad.

6. You don’t really need to do anything special with a friend. Or you can take your adventures to dreamland. I’m sure right after this picture, that’s what exactly happened.

7. These adorable pugs posed for the mandatory airport picture. The one in the pink vest harness looks so happy!

8. This four-legged furry squad looks like they’re about to drop the biggest and baddest album of all time…

9. This naughty duo liked to go shopping with their mom and riding the grocery cart…I mean we all did that once, right?

10. These chubby little puggos are way to adorable and surely their friendship is too!

11. In spring, flowers and friendships blossom.

12. Well, some friendships do end in love. From #bestfriendgoals to #relationshipgoals, maybe?

13. Who said cats and dogs can’t be good friends? Plus, look at those adorable robes!

Got a photo of your adorable pug and their best friends? Share it with us and spread some more love for pugs and dogs!

These 13 Adorable Pugs Getting Pampered will Leave you Feelin’ Chill

You don’t always get the chance to be pampered, but what do you do when you’re really stressed out? It’s easy, watching dogs getting pampered will make you feel like you’re almost getting a massage.

You don’t have to stress out and find some good photos, videos or GIFs. We’ve already got you covered!

Here are some of the and most relaxing, adorable and hilarious pugs getting the best pampering of their lives!

1. These little puggerinos are having their bath and it’s a one way ticket to Comfort Land.

2. When little hooman dips in the pool, I get some pampering too.

3. This chubby little angel is getting all the belly rubs he deserved for being too adorable.

4. When you’re spoiled and have nothing to do but sunbathe. #puglife

5. This GIF is basically a blessing and you’ll be cured of everything bad you feel.

6. A bath and a massage? It’s a good day for this good puggo!

7. Someone’s having a really good time…

8. This is a rare sight to behold! Not because cats and dogs are rivals but cats have superior complex and they don’t do the work much often.

9. Face rubs appear to be as good as belly rubs for this adorable pug.

10. This cute little guy is getting ready to learn how to swim – those little paws paddling will melt your heart in an instant.

11. Relaxing at the pool with the ladies…complete with a cute bowtie.

12. When it’s been a really hot day and you’re enjoying a nice long bath…

13. That little bonnet makes everything look so perfect! And he seems too content with his paw massage.

These pugs are surely living the best life. Hopefully this list made you feel as good as we did!

LOOK! These Pugs Have More Followers than You on Instagram

Let’s face it, we’ve all been hooked to the internet – specifically social media. For example, Instagram has given us the excuse to take a million selfies or photos of our latest travels and eats.

But while the Instagram big shots are the same big names we often hear in Hollywood and music industry, some of men’s best friends have found their own loyal following. These little pugs have melted the hearts of tens of thousands of Instagram users on the daily. Some are even earning thousands of dollars by being Insta-famous!

Here are the celebrity pugs of Instagram that you honestly have to follow for a daily dose of cuteness!

Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug is the “King of Pop Culture” and perhaps the most famous pug in history. As of writing, Doug has over 3.7 million followers on IG alone.

Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram

Isang post na ibinahagi ni Doug The Pug (@itsdougthepug) noong

Boogie the Pug

Boogie the Pug loves to travel and is a rescue pug who is well loved by his family and his 29.7k followers on Instagram.

Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram

Isang post na ibinahagi ni boogie the pug 🐶 (@boogiethepug) noong

Milo and Otis

One account, two adorable pugs! Milo and Otis will melt your heart with their puppy-eyed selfies and videos of their daily lives.

Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram

Isang post na ibinahagi ni Milo & Otis the Pug Walsh (@otisthepugwalsh) noong

Sissy, Tilly, and Natty

Otherwise known as the Pugdashians of Instagram with over 154,000 followers. They’re living the high life and love posing for the cameras!

Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram

Isang post na ibinahagi ni Pugdashians (@pugdashians) noong

Giles and Nigel

These stylish pug brothers are stealing women’s (and men’s) hearts over Instagram with their cute outfits and puppy eyes.

Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram

Isang post na ibinahagi ni GILES & NIGEL PUGS (@gilesthepug) noong

Mack the Adventure Pug

You’d be jealous by Mack the Adventure Pug’s wanderlust life and Instagram travel feed.

Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram

Isang post na ibinahagi ni Mack the Adventure Pug (@pugventurephoto) noong


Molly the pug has over 38,000 followers on Instagram – and counting! All while she naps!

Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram

Isang post na ibinahagi ni Molly (@mollyvecc) noong

Flossie the Pug

Seeing this little black pug on your timeline is a blessing with her adorable and quirky photos.

Tingnan ang post na ito sa Instagram

Isang post na ibinahagi ni Flossie (@flossiethepug) noong

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