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Man Recruits 16 Pugs to Help Him Propose to His Girlfriend

Last year in October, A man gave new significance to the term ‘puppy love’ when he recruited 16 pugs to help him propose to his girlfriend.

London native Edward Grant, 27, took advantage of his girlfriend’s love of the small dogs when he organized the romantic gesture in Central Park, when the couple were on a trip to New York City.

Alex Justins, also 27, assumed they were just going on a romantic walk through the park when 16 pugs with heart-shaped balloons met the couple on Bow Bridge.

Edward dropped to one knee to ask the question as he and his girlfriend were encircled by the dogs, and also a crowd that had gathered to watch the events occur.

‘When he got down on one knee of course I said yes. I could not believe he had put so much time and effort into the proposal – it was really perfect.’

Alex said she had no clue that Edward would propose while they were in New York, calling the city ‘a great romantic location’. ‘I feel so lucky,’ she mentioned.

‘I think pugs are just the most adorable little creatures and whenever I stop to say hi, the owners are always kind and more than happy to talk about their dog,’ Alex said.

‘The reaction to our proposal has been incredibly overwhelming,’ she added. ‘I don’t think Edward ever imagined people would be talking about him getting down on one knee all over the world.’

Source: dailymail.co.uk