Pug & Man Aging Together

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This is one of the most beautiful stories we’ve ever heard…

A Pug and a Man sharing their gold years together!

This is the kind of story we dream on making with our loved ones, and this man had it, but with his best friend… His Pug!

  • Diane L. Pelletier says:

    What a beautiful story between a man and his Pug. I had two Pugs my daughter got me my first Pug 20 years ago his name was Napoleon Bone Apart and he gave me so much love and made me laugh Pugs are like that. I lost Napoleon at the age of 15 and it broke my heart. I also had a little female Pug her name was Tinkerbell I got her when she was 11 months old as a rescue I lost her when she was 12 and I miss her as much as I miss Napoleon. They were a mated pair and they gave me 3 littlers which were beautiful pups. Tink passed not even a year after Napoleon she missed him more than I can say and now she is with him. People there is no other breed like a Pug. I wish I could have a couple of more Pugs what else can I say. Thanking all of you for letting me go on and on about Pugs.

  • brian says:

    I’ve seen some touching videos of people and their pets but this one really made me tear up! such a beautiful story.

  • rebecca says:

    He knows his pugs and his story I find interesting. I know once I got my pug she’s just like your child and the love they give is more then I can say. Thank you very much for sharing your story, I appreciate it very much and wish you all the pug love in the world.

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