Are Pugs Good with Kids?

We recently asked our Pug Community to answer this question:

Are Pugs Good with Kids?

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They are amazing with kids!



Yes. All my pugs have been awesome with kids!

Pugs will let kids dress them, put makeup on them, etc. Definitely yes
I have 5 pugs and they are awesome with my grandbabies. ❤️😀

The best

Ummm yes lol

The act like kids and mine have always got along with my kids and then grandkids. The kids have energy and pugs love that!

They love children and act like two year olds.

Yes, but watch them with the dimmies, mine loved a dummy
Pugs love, love , love children AND babies! They are truly the best breed I have ever had with babies and kids!

My pug loves kids.

❤️🤡❤️🤡 loving, funny little clowns❣️ My Lucy & Ethel couldn’t be any more spoiled any more than they are❣️They live everybody, especially little people❣️

They are the best!!!

I have two pugs and they are with my 5 grandchildren all the time ages from 8 months to five years . They are best friends

Pugs r lovers

My pugs were good my dals were best but still have pugs

Pugs are the best with children. Very lovable and cuddly with them. They will follow them all over!

Definitely great with kids! Both of mine would watch over our sleeping nieces and nephews! Also very playful with them

Pugs are harmless little pillows!

Pugs are good for everyone!

I have owned a lot of different breeds of dogs. Honestly the best around kids, other animals, furniture, etc, is a pug. Next best was the basset hound.

Pug is the absolute best dog I ever owned. The grandbabies love her and she follows them everywhere

They are the most loveable,loyal, friendly dogs ever. I can’t even call them ‘dogs’! They are babies in fur coats, unfortunately they shed like mad 😂. I love my 6 and my Granddaughter was living with me from birth to 3 yrs old and she would sit in their beds with them! She’s 6 now and my fur babies are : 3, 9 years old and 3, 10 years old. ❤️

Absolutely!!! My 9 year old pug loves my little guy!

Yes, they are full of energy and love ❤️ to play… we would be all tired when we would get home…

Mine acts like he is so intreged with them…curious

Yes yes n yes

The best

Omg yes. My girls have played so hard with our pug but she just lays there and takes it. The best dog I’ve ever owned

Absolutely wonderful!!

When u see a dog dressed up it’s usually a Pug. That should tell u what kind of personality they have.

We adopted our pug at about 6/ 7 years old at the time I had a 3 and 6 year old and she is brill with the kids just over excited all the time 😂 x
My first pug would jump in the playpen with my daughter when she would cry. He would sit there with her until she calmed down. My daughter was 18 months old and he did this. He was so awesome with children and he is sorely missed.

Omg yes!!

My husband and I have a 2 month old and our two pugs are fabulous with her!! Very gentle and snuggly… and our male pugs loves licking her feet 🤣

Yes very loving pets. I had mine before i even had kids and she adores them as much as they adore her.

Pugs are the absolute best with kids! We got out first one when I started school. My family has had five of them through the years.