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Blind Therapy Pug Helps Victims of Child Abuse

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Xander works as a therapy dog in Oregon.

When Xander was just a puppy, he sustained a head injury that ended in him having both eyes removed. At 10 months old, his original owners left him at the Klamath Animal Shelter.

Thankfully for Xander, Marcie and Rodney saw his potential. They adopted the peaceful, well-behaved dog and had him trained as a certified therapy dog.

“I loved him,” Rodney mentioned of meeting Xander for the first time. “Just his personality and everything, I was saying, ‘I take this dog, he’s going to make a fantastic therapy dog.”

Xander now usually spends his days calming victims of child and spousal abuse. “A lot of times he’ll hear a child crying at an event and he’s bolted several times, at least 500 feet over to this child to comfort them,” Rodney told Buzzfeed of Xander’s compassionate instincts.

Last spring, Rodney said to the Herald and News that, in a perfect world, Xander would be out of a job.

“It would be great if Xander didn’t have a job,” he explained. “There would be no hurting kids out there. If Xander didn’t have a job that would be wonderful. He would just play all the time.”

As outlined by the pug’s Facebook page, “Xander’s mission is to stop violence … he will comfort the young and old till that day comes.”

Source: news.yahoo.com

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    Have sold a couple for therapy dogs they have worked out wonderfully

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