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Playing With Owner’s Hair

We never get tired of seeing videos of cute Pug puppies. Do you? This puppy is having a blast.. playing with his owner’s hair! You won’t believe how cute this pug puppy is when she’s licking!


Snoring Pile of Pugs

How many Pugs did you see snoring at the same time? One? Two? Here’s a pile of 6 Pugs sleeping and snoring… Turn up the volume!


Guide to Pugs…

Watch this “Guide to Pugs” and learn all about what goes into caring for a pug. 1. How are pugs different from other dogs 2. How to clean pug wrinkles and folds 3. Temperature considerations for pugs 4. Collars vs. Harnesses 5. Cleaning Ears 6. Brushing Teeth 7. Grooming and Health


Puppy Pug Surprise

Hollie had one wish… a puppy! And her wish came true… The biggest surprise ever: Bailey, the Pug puppy!


How to Make Pug Pupcakes

Do you love Pugs? And Cupcakes? Here’s an awesome tutorial on how to make Pug Pupcakes! Ingredients: – 1 vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting – 2-3 chewy chocolate candies (such as Tootsie Rolls) – 1 fruit roll, or red/pink chewy candy (such as Tootsie Rolls) – 3 small chocolate candies or sugar pearls – 1/2 […]


How to Make a Kawaii Pug

If you love Pugs you’ll want to see this AWESOME tutorial… …on how to make a Kawaii Pug! Don’t know what Kawaii is? Kawaii is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture. Watch & have fun:

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