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Top 10 Cutest Pug Puppy Clips

Feeling a little blue? Lighten up… It’s FRIDAY! Here’s something to help… …the top 10 cutest Pug puppy clips on YouTube:


Pug Love

Do you own a Pug? So, you must certainly know how unique this breed is… Here’s an awesome short documentary about PUG LOVE! So, if you love Pugs you gotta see it…


Pug Puppy Flower

This cute Pug puppy is so tiny that… …he fits a small flower vase! And he is more beautiful and cute that a flower! Isn’t he?


GoPro GoPug

A GoPro attached to the end of a monopod and a couple of Pugs running… The result? An AWESOME clip and well spent afternoon! RIP Clementine (Dec 15, 2009 – Jan 28, 2013)… She passed away in her sleep at the tender age of 4. [vimeo id=”29922550


Walter, the Office Pug

Walter often goes to the office with his dad… He is the kindest and friendliest canine on the planet. They love him so much they decided to pay him tribute with this video. You’ll also fall in love with Walter, for sure!


Best Breed Ever: Pugs!

Here is some interesting fact about Pug: They were originated in 400 BC in China! In 1572, a Pug alerted Prince William to an approaching assassin and became the official dog of the Dutch House of Orange. A Pug tail that is double curled is considered to be perfect! To learn more interested facts about […]


Slow-Mo Brandy

Brandy, the Pug, went to the park… …so she can be a little GoPro superstar! Enjoy Brandy in Slow-Mo. AWESOME!


“Royals” Cover with Tonx

Here’s an awesome cover of “Royals” by… …Just Millie with her Pug pup Tonx! Tonx is her number one fan! Look at how relaxed he is enjoying the song.


Pug Puppy & Dwarf Hamster

Meet Timber, the 10-week-old Pug puppy! Timber has a new home and a new buddy. Here she is getting accustomed to his new friend Yoshi, a dwarf hamster. SO ADORABLE.


Woodland Pug

This video will warm your heart and… …bring a smile to your face. Here’s Woodland Pug! SO CUTE.

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