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Slow-Mo Brandy

Brandy, the Pug, went to the park… …so she can be a little GoPro superstar! Enjoy Brandy in Slow-Mo. AWESOME!


“Royals” Cover with Tonx

Here’s an awesome cover of “Royals” by… …Just Millie with her Pug pup Tonx! Tonx is her number one fan! Look at how relaxed he is enjoying the song.


Pug Puppy & Dwarf Hamster

Meet Timber, the 10-week-old Pug puppy! Timber has a new home and a new buddy. Here she is getting accustomed to his new friend Yoshi, a dwarf hamster. SO ADORABLE.


Woodland Pug

This video will warm your heart and… …bring a smile to your face. Here’s Woodland Pug! SO CUTE.


Can’t Get Up

These Pug puppies are so cute! The newborn are so tiny that… …they can’t get up! Don’t worry little guys, you’ll learn how to walk very quickly.


Silver Sapphire

Meet Silver Sapphire aka Silver, the cutest silver fawn Pug puppy. This is her 2nd day home… …with her new mom and dad! She’s so adorable with that comfy hoodie…


Pug Puppies Sleeping

Here’s an adorable video of Pug puppies sleeping… Could it be any cuter? These newborn Pugs just want to take a nap… …but soon they’ll be running and playing all the time!


Baby Pug Puppies

These tiny baby Pug puppies are the cutest thing in the whole world. The newborn are trying to stand on their 4 paws… …but they are so uncoordinated that they keep on falling! So SWEET & ADORABLE!


Minnie & Big Dog

Pugs are small dogs, but they don’t care about it… Look at how Minnie, the Pug, loves to play with big dogs! This huge Great Pyrenees is no exception. So funny & sweet!


Adorable Baby Pugs

Our hearts melt whenever we see Pug puppies! They are the most cute thing in the whole world… Watch these newborn pugs playing around. So sweet!

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