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Adorable White Pug Puppy

Meet Marshmellow, the white Pug puppy! This video was shoot in 2009. At the time, Marshmellow was one of six pugs of color puppies from an AKC silver/grey dam and a silver/fawn sire. ADORABLE!


4-Week-Old Puppies Playing Outdoors

Pug puppies are the most adorable “thing” in the world! Here are a few 4-week-old Pug puppies… …playing outdoors for the very first time. Watch them here:


Wonderful World of Pugs

Get ready! We’re going to explore the wonderful world of Pugs. Fasten your safety belts. We’re going on a wild ride… They may look and snore like pigs, but Pug are the most adorable dog breed in the World! We L-O-V-E Pugs! Are you ready?  


Pug’s Life

Here’s an awesome video of a day in the life of tiny and cute Cooper. A Pug’s life… This little Pug puppy eats, sleeps and plays… He really knows how to enjoy life. Our advice: Enjoy life (as Cooper does…) and play with your Pug!


Pugmania & The Love For Pugs

Do you suffer from Pugmania? Here’s a short (but very interesting) documentary about pugmania and the love for pugs! This documentary was produced by York St John University (UK) Film & Television Students. Watch it here:


Luna, the 8-Week-Old Pug puppy

Meet Luna, the Pug puppy! She’s 8-week-old and… …she looooves to play with her toys! Is there anything more adorable than Pug puppies?


Tiny Pug Puppy

Here are some interesting FAQ about Pug birth: Q: How many puppies does the average pug give birth to? A: Anywhere from 3-6 is average. Q: What is the size of a Pug at birth? A: About 5-8 oz and about 5-6 inches. Q: How long does it take for a Pug to give birth? […]


Pug Puppies Love!

What is more cute than a Pug puppy? Well… 3 Pug puppies are 3 times more cute! These pups are only a few weeks old, but they have more than enough energy to have their fun. So adorable!


Pugs Are Awesome

Pugs on Pugs on Pugs on Pugs on Pugs… We L-O-V-E Pugs. In this awesome dog compilation check out some of our favorite pug moments… Watch the video:


Pugs: The Good and The Bad

Here are just some of the pros and cons of having a pug… The Upside: – Pugs are lovable and natural clowns. – Pugs are fairly clean – Pugs aren’t aggressive as a rule. – Pugs travel well. – Adult pugs will chill out with you. – Pugs are adaptable to many situations. – Pugs […]

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