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Pug & Baby Car Seat

Baboo the blind Pug is taking a nap in his favorite place in the whole world. He has recently discovered that the baby car seat and the baby blanket are extremely comfortable. SO FUNNY! What is your dog’s favorite place to sleep? Watch & Smile:


Waking Sweet Baboo

Baboo is a blind Pug who is a heavy sleeper! His owners have to wake him every morning. He likes to wake with a big kiss. 🙂 How ADORABLE is this dog on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Comment:


Puppies in Baskets

Newborn puppies are just ADORABLE. This mother dog is guarding her cute babies in the tiny baskets! CUTENESS OVERLOAD. 🙂 How old is your pup? Watch & Comment:


Cuddling Together

Alphie and Teddy are best friends. They were caught hugging each other during their nap. 🙂 PUGS RULE! Is your pup a sleepy dog? Watch & Comment:


Pug In The Kitchen

This Pug is a greedy dog. He’s enjoying the leftover sour cream from the box! Look at his face… He’s just like a kid eating an ice cream. 🙂 What makes your pooch drool? Watch & Answer:


Puppy Reveal

Peanuts is a smart and adorable pup… He wants so badly to be close to his owner that he finds a way. 🙂 SO CUTE! How old is your pup? Watch & Smile:


Crazy Megan

Megan the Pug is just a happy Pug. She’s a rescued dog and now she has a family who loves her. Check how her peculiar barking sounds. 🙂 Does your dog scream like this? Watch & Answer:


Waffles The Pup

Waffles is a hilarious Pug puppy. She’s desperately trying to pick up a Frisbee. Her flat face is not helping at all! Does your dog do this type of silly things? Watch & Smile:


Pug & Tub

Barry the Pug is enjoying his bath…. Look at him in the tub having the time of his life! He really likes to be a nice-smelling dog. 🙂 Does your dog like to take a bath? Watch & Smile:


Sliding With Style

These Pugs are having fun in the snow. One of them just loves to slide. 🙂 Check out how fast she’s! Does your Pug like the snow? Watch & Smile:

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