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Pug Bunnies

Minnie and Max love long walkings at the beach. Today they are dressed like bunnies… Look at their “hops” at Carmel Beach! Does your dog hop like this? Watch & Answer:


Swimming at The Lake

This Pug is a professional swimmer… Look at him swimming around at the lake! He has just the perfect life vest. Does your Pug like water? Watch & Comment:


Brandy & Surf

Brandy the Pug is a very adventurous dog… He loves to go to the beach and surf! Look at him catching some waves. Does your Pug like water? Watch & Comment:


Snowboarding Pug

Brandy the Pug loves the snow… In the video, she is showing us her awesome snowboarding skills. She’s just amazing… PUGS RULE! Does your Pug like the snow? Watch & Enjoy:


The Surfing Pug

Brandy the Pug loves the beach… Today, she heads to the beach for a fun-filled day of surfing with her owner and friends. Brandy looks so cute in her yellow life vest! What is your Pug’s favorite outdoor activity?


Born to be an Athlete

Meet Rupert Eli, the Pug. He was born to be an athlete! Whenever he goes outside he goes crazy and starts running in circles as fast as he can… SO CUTE & FUNNY!


Longboarding Pug

Did you ever see a Pug skateboarding? Well.. Meet Maggie, the Pug! Here she is taking a cruise at Duke Gardens in Durham, NC. SO COOL!


Tether Ball Pug

Tzumo is half Chinese Shar-Pei half Pug! He’s very athletic… Look at him playing tether ball for the very first time! He’s a natural!