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Puppy Reveal

Peanuts is a smart and adorable pup… He wants so badly to be close to his owner that he finds a way. 🙂 SO CUTE! How old is your pup? Watch & Smile:


Waffles The Pup

Waffles is a hilarious Pug puppy. She’s desperately trying to pick up a Frisbee. Her flat face is not helping at all! Does your dog do this type of silly things? Watch & Smile:


Pug & Tub

Barry the Pug is enjoying his bath…. Look at him in the tub having the time of his life! He really likes to be a nice-smelling dog. 🙂 Does your dog like to take a bath? Watch & Smile:


Sliding With Style

These Pugs are having fun in the snow. One of them just loves to slide. 🙂 Check out how fast she’s! Does your Pug like the snow? Watch & Smile:


Obsessed Friend

This Pug really loves his Golden Retriever friend… He just wants love, care, and attention! SO FUNNY. 🙂 Who is your dog’s best friend? Watch & Smile:


Talking Pug

Shellie is an ADORABLE Pug. She is saying her owner that she loves her! Nobody can resist to this Pug eyes. 🙂 How big are your dog’s eyes? Watch & Smile:


Christmas Pugs

Doug the Pug is celebrating Christmas with his furry friends. Doug & folks wish you a Happy Christmas! SO CUTE. 🙂 Does your dog celebrate Christmas? Watch & Smile:


Kiss Attack

This Pug really loves his owner. Check out this amazing “Pug kiss attack”. 🙂 PUGS RULE! How often do you kiss your dog? Watch & Comment:


Pug Tunnels

This Pug and his furry friend are just having fun. Check out this doggie mattress tunnels! Look at the smile on this Pug’s face. 🙂 Is your dog this naughty? Watch & Commnet:


Christmas Compilation

Doug the Pug has more Christmas spirit than all of us! Watch the video and see Doug in his lovely Xmas costumes. SO CUTE. 🙂 Is your dog ready for Xmas? Watch & Comment:

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