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Sugar Rush Who? 12 Pugs Love Eating Dessert First!

If you’re like most pet owner, you probably feed your dog whatever you have, as long as you know it doesn’t hurt them. For some, a sweet dessert treat is a good way to commend their little pugs for being good boys and girls. And if there are two things pugs love, it would be […]


Bella Will Inspire You

Bella the Pug has two broken elbows… But this fact won’t slow her down. This story will certainly inspire you! Sweet and courageous Bella. 🙂 How brave is this dog on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Comment:


Brushig Teeth

This a tutorial for you to learn how to brush your Pug’s teeth. Watch the video and learn how to easily and effectively perform this task. How often do you brush your Pug’s teeth? Watch & Learn:


Pudgy Has Trouble Breathing

This is Pudgy… This cute Pug has some health problems that needed to be taken care of… He has some trouble breathing! This is a very good video with an example on how to prevent them… Watch and love your pups!


Pug Loves Fruit

This is Barry, the Pug! He just loves fruit… …especially tomato and banana! Does your pup like fruit?


How To Brush Your Pug’s Teeth

As with humans, these canine dental problems can actually lead to life-threatening infections and issues including heart, liver, and kidney disease. So it’s very important for your Pug to have clean and healthy teeth and gums. This video will show you a few easy tips on how to keep your pug’s teeth and gums clean!


How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Here are some tips on how to brush your Pug’s teeth: 1. Use lots of praise to make brushing a fun activity! 2. Use a toothpaste specifically made for dogs. 3. Use a toothbrush made for dogs or as an alternative a child’s soft toothbrush. 4. Brush your pup’s teeth every day or every other […]


Pug Gets Acupuncture

Here’s Gretta, the Pug, getting acupuncture with Dr. Lynda Bond. Dr. Bond always starts by looking at her tongue and then taking her pulse. The first needle goes to a calming point. Then she rechecks her pulse and places the nest needles. The session ends with the best part: a massage!


Crying or Possessed?

Pugsley, the Pug, just had his front paw wrapped because it has a cut in it. Poor baby… He has a boo boo! Here he is making crazy noises… we’re not sure if he’s crying or if he’s possessed!? (His foot is OK!)


Brushing Her Teeth

Sophie, the Pug, knows that it’ very important to… …brush her teeth. She does it every single day! Here she is in bathroom preparing for her day.

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