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The Funniest, Quirkiest and Meme-worthy Pug GIFs You’ll See!

If you’re like me, you turn to dog videos, GIFs, photos, and memes to make your day a little better. For bad days, it’s basically the only thing that can keep you sane. And among your collection of extensive memes and videos, there’s likely one or two pug ones. Whether you’re in a bad mood […]


Pugs in Costumes: International Edition

If you ever feel down and need a good old laugh, you can search for “pugs in costumes,” and you’ll be having a grand time. These pugs are all adorable, some squeezed into their onesies and costumes. You’ll squeal out of delight and by the end of your search, you’ll keep wanting more. That said, […]


Friendship Goals! These Pugs Have the Best Kinds of Friendships

Friends are among the most important things we should have in this world. And if you’re a pug lover, it’s no surprise you treat your furry friends as one. But besides their families, these pugs have amazing friendship with their fellow dogs – and even chickens? Here are some of the most adorable, hilarious and […]


These 13 Adorable Pugs Getting Pampered will Leave you Feelin’ Chill

You don’t always get the chance to be pampered, but what do you do when you’re really stressed out? It’s easy, watching dogs getting pampered will make you feel like you’re almost getting a massage. You don’t have to stress out and find some good photos, videos or GIFs. We’ve already got you covered! Here […]


LOOK! These Pugs Have More Followers than You on Instagram

Let’s face it, we’ve all been hooked to the internet – specifically social media. For example, Instagram has given us the excuse to take a million selfies or photos of our latest travels and eats. But while the Instagram big shots are the same big names we often hear in Hollywood and music industry, some […]


Well Trained Pug Puppy

Pugs are tiny little dogs with curly tails. The puppy in the video is incredibly well-trained. He really wants that treat but he keeps resisting… 🙂 Check out his behavior. Does your dog behave like this? Watch & Comment:


Baby & Pug

This cute baby loves her little Pug dog. She falls in love with her newest furry toy. Pugs are the best, look at the waggy tail. 🙂 CUTENESS OVERLOAD. 🙂 Does your Pug have a little sister or brother? Watch & Smile:


Pug Snuggled in a Blanket

Enkei is one lazy Pug… He only wakes up to the sound of the fridge opening or the smell of food! In the video, he is cuddled into his favorite blanket on the couch… Check out what happens. 🙂 Does your Pug act the same way? Watch & Smile:


Swimming & Bathing

Pugs are awesome! Check out these little Pugs swimming and bathing. PUGS RULE. 🙂 Does your Pug like to swim? Watch & Smile:


Pug Train

Pugs are ADORABLE little dogs. Too much to love about this pug train. 🙂 Check out this adorable video… Next stop: snack time! Does your Pug like kids? Watch & Smile:

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