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Everyday is a Great Day!

Pugsly and Triscuit are best friends. They like to hangout in the backyard. With Pugs… Everyday is a great day! Right? [vimeo id=”32123085


Screaming Pug

Meet Pugsley, the Screaming Pug! Pugsley loves when people come to visit him! But he gets so upset when they leave. He doesn’t want them to go. So… He screams!!!


Pug Loves Hats

Chucky, the Pug, loves hats! And Chucky’s dad likes to wear a hat at home… …but he just can’t because Chucky wants it and grabs it! Hilarious!


Precious Pug Puppies in a Tub

Get ready for the cutest bath you’ve ever seen! These three pugs get wet and covered in bubbles… WARNING: Prepare to melt your heart! Watch 80 Seconds of Precious Pug Puppies in a Tub:

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