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These Adorable Sleeping Pugs Will Cure Your Depression

If you are a pet owner, chances are your smartphone camera is always ready when your pup goes to sleep. Even when they don’t do anything, they’re basically the cutest subjects. Sometimes, you even catch some rare moments of utter cuteness. If anything, sleeping dogs are a miracle, and they can most likely cure anyone’s […]


Friendship Goals! These Pugs Have the Best Kinds of Friendships

Friends are among the most important things we should have in this world. And if you’re a pug lover, it’s no surprise you treat your furry friends as one. But besides their families, these pugs have amazing friendship with their fellow dogs – and even chickens? Here are some of the most adorable, hilarious and […]


LOOK! These Pugs Have More Followers than You on Instagram

Let’s face it, we’ve all been hooked to the internet – specifically social media. For example, Instagram has given us the excuse to take a million selfies or photos of our latest travels and eats. But while the Instagram big shots are the same big names we often hear in Hollywood and music industry, some […]


Christmas Joy

Here is one more adventure of the Fabulous Pug Models. These adorable Pugs love to spread joy and laughs. 🙂 They’ll certainly bring a smile to your face! Does your dog like holidays? Watch & Comment:


Facial Massage

Peppa the Pug is having a wonderful moment with her owner. She’s getting a relaxing facial massage at home. SO CUTE! Does your Pug like massages? Watch & Answer:


Rasta Pug

One more amazing Doug’s video… This time, Doug is in a wave of Peace & Love! SO ADORABLE. How cool is this dog on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Share:


7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Pug Moms

We all know that Pug Moms are the best! So, they deserve an awesome gift on Mother’s day… Don’t you think? Here are 7 mother’s day gift ideas for Pug moms: 1. Satchel-Style Tapestry Pug Lover’s Handbag Like it? Want to buy it? Click here for more information! 2. Linda Picken Pug Art Personalized Welcome […]