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The Pug Queen

The Pug Queen rescues every single pug she can! She saw a video of a sick little Pug and she knew she had to have him. 🙂 Check out this amazing rescue Pug family. How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Comment:


Love is Blind

This is one of the most beautiful stories of adoption we’ve ever heard! Meet Mickey, he is a birth blind Pug that had a difficult life, but now he is happy and being well treated by his owner. Watch and be happy too!


12 Dogs of Christmas

You gotta watch this adorable 12 Dogs of Christmas Video with a singing Pug. In the holiday spirit, rescue pug Kilo, who looks like Santa Paws, tells us what is on his wish list. He wants to see rescues find forever homes with new families, but he wants to encourage people do their research about […]


Obese Pugs Relinquished By Owner

Meet Pugs Sunny and Rosie. They were over-loved by a previous owner who plied them with treats rather than walks… The result: two obese Pugs! Now it’s time to get fit and find a new home.


Pug in Stroller

Maggie, the Pug, was rescued. Sadly she came with permanently dislocated front leg and no tail. However she’s a very happy Pug! Especially now that mom and dad got her a stroller.


Rescued Pug Loves to Swim

This rescued Pug looooooves to swim. He was seriously injured in 2006 and nearly lost his rear leg. He broke both his hips and his pelvis. Swimming helped him in his rehabilitation! Althought he’s using a Ruffwear life jacket, he swims like a pro!


Nothing Slows Pepe the Paralyzed Pug

Pepe was stepped on accidentally when he was a puppy. His spine was damaged and he lost the ability to use his hind legs. However, he was lucky to find himself in a caring and thoughtful pet shelter where he was at some point adopted by one of their employees. Regardless of his paralysis, Pepe does […]


36 Pugs

When Central Coast Pug Rescue decided to throw a dinner party to raise some money for Pugs in need, they expected some people would bring their Pugs. They never expected this… 36 Pugs showed up with their owners. They are so CUTE and ADORABLE. Source: Central Coast Pug Rescue