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These Hilarious Pugs Act Like You!

There’s nothing more amusing than seeing our pet dogs acting like us. It’s fascinating to see them act in parodies or actually acting like humans do. That said, here’s a list of the most hilarious and adorable pugs who are acting quite familiar for us. 1. This little cutie knows how to walk his own […]


Friendship Goals! These Pugs Have the Best Kinds of Friendships

Friends are among the most important things we should have in this world. And if you’re a pug lover, it’s no surprise you treat your furry friends as one. But besides their families, these pugs have amazing friendship with their fellow dogs – and even chickens? Here are some of the most adorable, hilarious and […]


Doug’s Story

Leslie Mosier, Doug’s owner, talks about the most famous Pug in the world. Find out how Doug The Pug became an internet star! PUGS RULE. 🙂 How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Enjoy:


For The Love Of Pugs!

For the Love of Pugs is a half hour documentary by Joe Woollen of JPW FILMS. It’s a film made for Pug lovers around the World! We think it’s AWESOME! Watch and Love Pugs:


Doug On Today Show Australia!

Doug is one of our greatest superstars here, and you can already see him on TV! Here is Doug on the Today Show Australia… Doug The Pug, the Social Media Sensation! Pugs Rule! Watch and smile.


Valentine’s Day Love

Such a lovely video!! This cute couple of senior Pugs is having the most wonderful Valentine’s Day… Watch and smile!


Love is Blind

This is one of the most beautiful stories of adoption we’ve ever heard! Meet Mickey, he is a birth blind Pug that had a difficult life, but now he is happy and being well treated by his owner. Watch and be happy too!


TOP 10 Cutest Pug Puppy Videos

There are some really CUTE videos here… Can’t really decide which is best… We want your help! Which one is the CUTEST Pug puppy here?


Forever In Our Hearts

Over the last 2 years we’ve post a lot of videos of the gorgeous Gretta Rose, the Pug. She has passed away and her owners decided to make a tribute to her with some photos of her happy life. Our thoughts and prayers are with Gretta’s family. RIP Gretta.


8 Amazing Facts on Pugs

If you we’re still having second thoughts on how much Pugs are awesome, this video is for you! All of these facts are true, specially the last one! ha-ha Share this if you Love Pugs!

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