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Pug Sleeps With His Eyes Open

This little fellow is sleeping with his eyes open! ha-ha And it really seems he is looking at the camera… Does your pug also sleep like this?


Pug Baby in a Bow Tie

So Adorable!! This is the CUTEST Pug puppy in a bow tie. WARNING: Your heart is going to melt!


Pug & Man Aging Together

This is one of the most beautiful stories we’ve ever heard… A Pug and a Man sharing their gold years together! This is the kind of story we dream on making with our loved ones, and this man had it, but with his best friend… His Pug!


Grover Learns How to Say NO

Probably you’ve faced this a couple of times ha-ha Here is Grover, and he simply does not want to give his bone or his bacon back! He has just learned to say… NO! Does your pup also do the same?


Pug Welcomes Dad Home

This is a beautiful story of a family reunited again. Daddy came home from a deployment, and at first this Pug wasn’t pretty sure of who it was… But in the second his daddy touches him, you can see the excitement and happiness of this pretty Pug! A Must SEE!


Doug Spreads Happiness to Strangers

This video absolutely touched my heart. Today Doug and his owner are out spreading some love and happiness to random people. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyday somebody told us something like this? Be happy and share the LOVE!


Pug Wedding

Pugs are affectionate little creatures and when they find their soul mate, they just know. Such was the case for a pair of love-struck pugs, Betty and Albert, who recently tied the knot in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Albert and Betty’s romantic wedding might make single humans feel even more pathetic!


Minnie & Max Hike Lake Tahoe

People say Pugs are lap dogs… But they love to go outdoors! Here are Minnie and Max exploring the Lake Tahoe area… on paw! They LOVE to hike.


Running of the Pugs!

Have you ever seen this many PUGS make a mad dash all at once?! This happens every year in Canada in a event called the “Running of the Pugs” organized by Toronto’s Pugalug Pug Rescue at Trinity Bellwoods Park. Who says Pugs are not good runners? Source: Pugalug Pug Rescue

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