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Man Recruits 16 Pugs to Help Him Propose to His Girlfriend

Last year in October, A man gave new significance to the term ‘puppy love’ when he recruited 16 pugs to help him propose to his girlfriend. London native Edward Grant, 27, took advantage of his girlfriend’s love of the small dogs when he organized the romantic gesture in Central Park, when the couple were on […]


Green Pug Becomes Blue

Puglet, the Pug, and his friends go to the beach to commemorate World Ocean’s Day. They all had a good time, however it could have been better. Watch to discover exactly why and find out how you can help maintain the ocean clean, alive and blue for all to appreciate. Aside from the yellow duckie, […]


Deaf Pug Singing

A deaf pug is caught on camera as he “sings” to his owners as they return home. The video shows the old pug happily howling on his bed when he sees his owners. The dog also is afflicted with a spinal issue so he is not able to walk very well. A beautiful tune? Perhaps not. […]


Boyfriend Surprises Girlfriend With Pug Puppy

A man has won both her girlfriend’s and the internet’s hearts. His girlfriend had just had put down her precious 10-year-old beagle. Thus to help heal her broken heart, he amazed her with quite possibly the cutest of all types of puppies: A Pug puppy! Source:


A Video Shows Why Pugs Rule

A family in Belfast, Ireland, promised their Pug Loca a roast chicken if the YouTube video of her spastic running around got a thousand views. Since the clip was posted in 2012 it has been viewed more than 6.5 million times… So, doing the math: 6,500,000 \ 1,000 = 6,500 roast chickens. Loca has hit […]


Nothing Slows Pepe the Paralyzed Pug

Pepe was stepped on accidentally when he was a puppy. His spine was damaged and he lost the ability to use his hind legs. However, he was lucky to find himself in a caring and thoughtful pet shelter where he was at some point adopted by one of their employees. Regardless of his paralysis, Pepe does […]


Bebop’s Got a Brand New Pair of Wheels!

In August of 2012, the cute Bebop Pugman, who was eleven years old at that time, was having for the last 3 years or so trouble walking due to nerve damage in his lower back. He’s not a puppy anymore, but he’s still so vibrant and happy and full of life that his owners had to […]


Blind Therapy Pug Helps Victims of Child Abuse

Xander works as a therapy dog in Oregon. When Xander was just a puppy, he sustained a head injury that ended in him having both eyes removed. At 10 months old, his original owners left him at the Klamath Animal Shelter. Thankfully for Xander, Marcie and Rodney saw his potential. They adopted the peaceful, well-behaved […]


Pug Puppy Stolen From Girl With Leukemia Recovered

A girl going through experimental treatment for her leukemia will get the pug puppy she wished for Christmas, due to the perseverance of a Riverside woman. The pug puppy, which was purchased by Riverside resident Shawna Hamon for a 7-year-old Sacramento girl with leukemia, was retrieved Tuesday from a home in Hollywood, where a friend […]

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