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Can’t Feel Good Challenge: Pug Edition *SPOILER: You’ll Fail!*

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Can’t Feel Good Challenge: Pug Edition *SPOILER: You’ll Fail!*

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No “awwww”-ing. No feeling giddy. No feeling good.

That’s the challenge but learn to accept that you’ll fail especially when you see these adorable little pugs who take “dog puppy eyes” to the next level. No worries, we won’t judge you if you fail as easily as we did in this challenge.

1. How can you not feel good about this cute little pup? I want to pick it up and put it in my pocket.

2. The eyes + that adorable hair clip = cuteness overload

3. He might stink, but I’ll still cuddle with this adorable puggo anytime.

4. Such a beautiful rescue dog!

5. I mean, look at those beautiful eyes!

6. Delilah, the pug serving puppy, eyed looks all day on her birthday!

7. Petunia’s probably giving the puppy eyes so she can finally get that cookie off her head and in her mouth!

8. *Dies of utter cuteness*

9. Who doesn’t love Doug the Pug? Fight me.

10. Hooman, how dare you deprive this precious puggo a slice of orange!

11. Same. Also, I’d like to buy this little one everything it wants to eat.

12. Can’t feel good challenge who? All my stress is gone by now.

13. Does obsessing over dogs count as unhealthy? Because I’m waaay too obsessed with these adorable pups.


15. Can someone please feed this precious baby?

16. The costume only made him look even cuter than he already is.

Bet you failed at feeling good, eh? No worries! We absolutely failed, too! But at least we enjoyed and de-stressed with these adorable pugs. Share your dog’s puppy-eyed looks with us too!