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Dog Home Alone: 5 Safety Tips

You want to be in a position to return and find out a happy tail wagging for you, not an accident that has happened. Implement these safety guidelines:

1. Notify a neighbor

Let a neighbor know in case you are going to have a pet alone in the house for a prolonged amount of time.

They can keep close track of things, and maybe give them a key (in case they are familiar with the dog) so they can come over and allow your dog to go out a while.

Here’s what could happen if you leave your Pug home alone:

2. Switch off the lights

Leaving a lamp on can be a fire hazard given that a thrilled dog may knock it over. In case you have to have lights on, leave just overhead ceiling lights on. You’ll still get a lot of light and there is no danger of it getting knocked down. You must also in no way leave oil burners, scent plug in, or some other heated scent products plugged in whilst not home as they can be knocked over and present a fire hazard. Even though you know you are not going to be home till after dark your dog will be fine without the lights on.

3. Tie up loose cords

This suggestion is particularly important in case you dog is granted free reign of the house while you’re gone. Keep electronic cords and also the cords to your blinds tied up where your dog can not get tangled in them. These could be a strangulation threat, thus by keeping them nicely gathered and up high you’re staying away from a huge risk.

4. Put trash cans up high

Not only do you not desire to come home to a massive mess, but you do not want your dog to come across something in the garbage that may injure him. Bones, sharp cans, and some other hazards lurk in garbage cans.

5. Use fire safety stickers

Use local fire department or local shelter special stickers to notify firemen that there are pets in the house as well as how many. Place them in windows and doors where fire fighters can easily see them in case of emergency. By doing this should a fire break out, help will recognize precisely which animals are inside.

Source: twolittlecavaliers.com