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How to Teach Your Dog Tricks: The Sit Command

Dogs are fun, however if they don’t pay attention to you, they can as well be frustrating animals.

You should teach your dog a few commands that will be effortless for your dog to learn and, consequently, will make your life a great deal less difficult.

Try to teach your Pug this unique method for climbing the stairs:

LOL… We’ll try something easier…

The Sit Command:

  1. Get a few of your dog’s favorite treats. These will help to lure your dog to listen to you.
  2. Hold one treat out to your dog so that he/she can smell it, but not eat it.
  3. With the treat securely in your grip, just above his/her nose, say in a clear tone, “Sit”.
  4. The very first time the dog hears it, you need to ‘show’ the dog what to do. Give his back-end a little nudge towards the ground with a firm palm softly pushing down on his hip area while pulling up on the leash or underside of the collar.
  5. As soon as the dog at last sits, say “Good boy/girl!” and praise him/her with the treat. It’s essential that you don’t repeat the word “sit.” Say the command once, and then enforce it.
  6. Repeat these steps till the dog commences to connect obeying the command with getting the treat and verbal praise. As soon as the dog is comfortable with the trick, at some point stop giving treats to your dog.

Similar strategy can be used to teach the down, the roll over and the stay command.

Source: wikihow.com

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