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Friendship Goals! These Pugs Have the Best Kinds of Friendships

Friends are among the most important things we should have in this world. And if you’re a pug lover, it’s no surprise you treat your furry friends as one.

But besides their families, these pugs have amazing friendship with their fellow dogs – and even chickens? Here are some of the most adorable, hilarious and overall heartwarming images of pugs with their best friends.

1. This two new friends hit it right away! So adorable!

2. We’d like to befriend these two adorable puggos too!

3. Friendship does not limit who you should be friends with. Sometimes, two different creatures could share the biggest bond!

4. And some have their own toys as best friend. Toys does make little puggerinos happy!

5. I’m sure he’s also happy too. Just trying to blend in with his squad.

6. You don’t really need to do anything special with a friend. Or you can take your adventures to dreamland. I’m sure right after this picture, that’s what exactly happened.

7. These adorable pugs posed for the mandatory airport picture. The one in the pink vest harness looks so happy!

8. This four-legged furry squad looks like they’re about to drop the biggest and baddest album of all time…

9. This naughty duo liked to go shopping with their mom and riding the grocery cart…I mean we all did that once, right?

10. These chubby little puggos are way to adorable and surely their friendship is too!

11. In spring, flowers and friendships blossom.

12. Well, some friendships do end in love. From #bestfriendgoals to #relationshipgoals, maybe?

13. Who said cats and dogs can’t be good friends? Plus, look at those adorable robes!

Got a photo of your adorable pug and their best friends? Share it with us and spread some more love for pugs and dogs!