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Tips to Housetrain Your Pug

Housetraining a Pug will take time and persistence. You will need to let your Pug understand where his personal potty space is outside so you’re not cleaning up messes all through the inside of your home. Here are a few basic daily guidelines for housetraining your pet Pug.

  1. In the morning, follow these steps:
  2. Very first thing, take your Pug outside and remain there a few minutes and tell him, “Go Potty Puggy!” or “Hurry, Puggy, Hurry!” till he does the deed.
  3. As soon as he’s done, let him know that he’s an awesome puppy.
  4. Give him breakfast.
  5. Take your Pug back outside for potty again. Once he’s done, bring him inside.
  6. In case you cannot watch him, place him into his carrier.
  7. Take your Pug outdoors every 20 minutes in case you are home.

In the afternoon, here’s what to do:

  1. Give Puggy lunch.
  2. Take him outdoors.
  3. Bring him back inside and put him back in his carrier in case you are occupied and cannot watch him.
  4. In case you can watch him inside the house, observe if he keeps walking around and sniffing the floor for several minutes. In case he does, take him back outside.

Here’s your Pug’s evening routine:

  1. The moment you get home, take your Pug outside.
  2. Bring him in for dinner.
  3. Take him back outside.
  4. Before you are ready for bed, take Puggy outside once again for the last time.
  5. Tell him “night-night” and place him in his carrier for the night.

But living with Pugs is not only about discipline and training. You’ll have a great time watching these lovable companions playing:

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