Little Red Riding Pug

Pugs are known to be a little lazy…

…but they have many skills!

Did you know that they are awesome actors?

Take a look a “Little Red Riding Pug”

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  • luann friece says:

    I love pugs my mom had one,when I grow up I had three and they were my life ,as I got older,I found a female looking for a home she was in bad shape I gave her love a d she was 14 years old when she died but lots of years with her , have a male pug how ,wish he could met a female and he could be a dad! He is 2, he will be 3 in may I think he be a great dad,and would just take one puppy and just one! So he has a buddy to play with! Any one just let me know! Pugs are cool babies! I realy love pugs!

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