Pablo The Food Critic Pug

Pablo the Pug is an expert food critic who travels the world testing his delicate palate at the most exclusive restaurants across the globe.


Do NOT feed your pet strange foods as some types can be toxic for dogs.

Pablo is a trained professional and has a cast iron stomach. He could eat Chuck Norris.

And no, he doesn’t eat chocolate. He is above that!

36 Pugs

When Central Coast Pug Rescue decided to throw a dinner party to raise some money for Pugs in need, they expected some people would bring their Pugs.

They never expected this…

36 Pugs showed up with their owners. They are so CUTE and ADORABLE.

Source: Central Coast Pug Rescue

The Pug Avengers

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Are… Avenger Pugs!

A team of remarkable pugs gather together to face Earth’s greatest threat. Are they up to the challenge?

These Pugs are so funny and great actors! That’s why we LOVE them.

The main actors are Minnie and Max!

How to Potty Train a Pug

Using this potty training steps may reduce stress throughout the teaching process and rapidly reap desired results.

1. Practice successful pack leadership. Pugs are a sensitive breed, prone to the tone of your voice. Consequently, practice leading with a calm, assertive energy. A pug that values its pack leader is more likely to comply with commands and, as a result, housebreak rapidly.

2. Select a potty-training method. There are numerous housebreaking supplies available. Dog crates offer the advantage of controlling a puppy’s environment and are a powerful method for fast housebreaking results.

3. Use the pug puppy’s intelligence. As pugs are a smart species, teaching a pug to ring a bell whenever it needs to go outside might prove effective. Repetition and a verbal command are important factors to good results.

This Pug was found in (inside…) the toilet:

4. Set up a regular schedule. Always take the pug puppy outside to go to the bathroom after a meal, nap and playtime, and in the morning and evening. Always leash the untrained puppy, and state a simple verbal command, like “go potty.”

5. Respond positively to desired behaviors. Pug puppies will work to get your approval. Every time the puppy reacts properly, give joyful reward, affection and a tiny treat.

6. Remain patient. Pug puppies will certainly make a mistake every now and then. If you find out an in-home mess, clean it up properly and never scold the puppy. As an alternative, think about putting a pretreated potty pad in the area. As time passes, shift the pad closer to the back door. Eventually, the pad should be moved outside and the puppy should limit in-home soils.


Pugs: The Good and The Bad

Here are just some of the pros and cons of having a pug…

The Upside:

– Pugs are lovable and natural clowns.
– Pugs are fairly clean
– Pugs aren’t aggressive as a rule.
– Pugs travel well.
– Adult pugs will chill out with you.
– Pugs are adaptable to many situations.
– Pugs are generally great with children.
– Pugs are usually not big barkers.
– Pugs get on with almost all animals.

The Downside:

– Pugs shed a whole lot.
– Pugs can have health problems.
– Pugs cannot tolerate extreme heat.
– Pug puppies are really active.
– Pugs are puppies till they are around 2 – 3 years old.
– Pugs must not be kept as outdoor dogs.
– Pugs can be tough to housebreak.
– Pugs may become overweight very easily.
– Pugs sneeze, snort and snuffle.
– Pugs snore loudly.

Of course, we Pug lovers know that the upsides beat by far the downsides.


Dog Home Alone: 5 Safety Tips

You want to be in a position to return and find out a happy tail wagging for you, not an accident that has happened. Implement these safety guidelines:

1. Notify a neighbor

Let a neighbor know in case you are going to have a pet alone in the house for a prolonged amount of time.

They can keep close track of things, and maybe give them a key (in case they are familiar with the dog) so they can come over and allow your dog to go out a while.

Here’s what could happen if you leave your Pug home alone:

2. Switch off the lights

Leaving a lamp on can be a fire hazard given that a thrilled dog may knock it over. In case you have to have lights on, leave just overhead ceiling lights on. You’ll still get a lot of light and there is no danger of it getting knocked down. You must also in no way leave oil burners, scent plug in, or some other heated scent products plugged in whilst not home as they can be knocked over and present a fire hazard. Even though you know you are not going to be home till after dark your dog will be fine without the lights on.

3. Tie up loose cords

This suggestion is particularly important in case you dog is granted free reign of the house while you’re gone. Keep electronic cords and also the cords to your blinds tied up where your dog can not get tangled in them. These could be a strangulation threat, thus by keeping them nicely gathered and up high you’re staying away from a huge risk.

4. Put trash cans up high

Not only do you not desire to come home to a massive mess, but you do not want your dog to come across something in the garbage that may injure him. Bones, sharp cans, and some other hazards lurk in garbage cans.

5. Use fire safety stickers

Use local fire department or local shelter special stickers to notify firemen that there are pets in the house as well as how many. Place them in windows and doors where fire fighters can easily see them in case of emergency. By doing this should a fire break out, help will recognize precisely which animals are inside.


Elf Movie, The Pug Puppy Version

Frank the Pug is probably on of the most popular pugs in the world! He is a movie star. Frank the Pug is a character from the movie Men in Black, its sequel, its animated series, and the video game MIB: Alien Crisis.

It seems that beside being docile, charming, adorable, playful, clever and sociable, pugs are also outstanding actors!

Watch these adorable Pugs recap the film Elf in 2 minutes as retold by a little boy:

Pug Puppy Stolen From Girl With Leukemia Recovered

A girl going through experimental treatment for her leukemia will get the pug puppy she wished for Christmas, due to the perseverance of a Riverside woman.

The pug puppy, which was purchased by Riverside resident Shawna Hamon for a 7-year-old Sacramento girl with leukemia, was retrieved Tuesday from a home in Hollywood, where a friend had concealed the dog, Riverside police Officer Anthony Watkins explained.

Hamon, a member of a pug networking group, had purchased the puppy for the girl after becoming conscious of the girl’s grave illness and her Christmas wish, Watkins said. The pug was to be presented to the child in Sacramento by Hamon’s acquaintance.

The pug never found its way to Sacramento and Hamon told police she was incapable to get it back, even though sending an animal delivery service company and a lawyer to the acquaintance’s home.

Riverside police served a search warrant in Atwater Village Tuesday, along with several other Los Angeles locations. Police say they found the acquaintance learned of the search for the pug and concealed the dog at a neighbor’s house just before officers showed up.

The dog was recovered from the neighbor’s house and returned to Hamon in Riverside, Watkins said. Per airline policies, the pug will be examined by a vet, before Hamon in person delivers the puppy to Pennsylvania, where the girl is going through experimental treatment.

The Los Angeles woman, who wasn’t identified, faces potential theft charges, Watkins explained.


Video: Pug 101

Square-proportioned, compact and of a cobby build, the pug is a large dog in a little space. Its gait is strong and jaunty, however with a slight roll of the hindquarters. Its unique expression is soft and solicitous. Its forehead has large, deep wrinkles. Its coat is fine, smooth and short.

A charming blend of dignity and comedy, the pug is an amiable, lively and confident companion. It can be stubborn and headstrong, however it’s pleasant and generally willing to please. It loves to cavort and show off.

  • AKC Ranking: 12
  • Family: Mastiff (Bulldog)
  • Origin: China
  • Original Function: lap dog
  • Today’s Function: companion
  • Average Size of Male Height: 10-11 Weight: 14-18
  • Average Size of Female Height: 10-11 Weight: 14-18
  • Other names: mops, Carlin


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