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Typical Pug Behavior Issues

Pugs are one of the most loved little companion dogs that have graced our homes. Due to the presence they hold in our hearts and homes, issues can appear in their behavior. The majority of these issues have been brought on by their people, whether or not the people know it! One of the issues the may appear is the “small dog syndrome”… The symptoms may include, but undoubtedly aren’t limited to resource guarding, refusal to get off furniture, excessive barking, demanding attention, and pushiness.

The factors behind all these problems come from the owner seeing the dog basically as small, cute, and essentially not a ‘real dog.

Nevertheless, dogs never see themselves as small or large. They likewise do not see each other as any less a dog based on size, therefore why should we as their keepers? Dogs of all sizes and ages require limits to follow and ought to be trained so they may learn what is appropriate in our human society.

Another typical behavior problem frequently reported by pug parents are poor potty habits. Might be your pug potties when you are at work, or maybe right ahead of you on the couch. In either case, it’s likely he requires some firm boundaries to learn where his potty place is!

Using a leash on your dog when you are home is a great manner to keep close track of him. Take your pup to his potty place no less than once an hour during training. Give him 5 minutes to do his business. In case he does, he gets praise and some play time! If not, it’s back to following you around!

Any time you can’t watch your Pug never fear making use of a crate! Ensure he is fully crate trained first so that he feels comfy, happy and safe in his little living room. A dog will not potty where he eats, drinks and sleeps therefore this is a safe place to assure no accidents as long as he has eliminated first!

Source: honeypug.com

  • Audrey Demarinis says:

    They truly are the most lovable, precious little souls with such big hearts and so much love to share!!!! I lost my little guy last year when his tired little body had grown old and frail and he got his angel wings. Miss him everyday. My Lukey Luke was the best! Pug’s rule!!!

  • Ilah Burgess says:

    Best friend you can have! We so love our pug!
    She love to chase,walk and befriend other dogs.She is now six years old!

  • Diane says:

    I had 2 Pugs which I loved and miss them more than I can say. To have a Pug in your life when you are happy they are happy, when you are down or sad they will put a smile on your face and make your day better for you. I lost my Napoleon Bone Apart 3 years ago at the age of 15, then a year later I lost my Tinkerbell at the age of 12. There were a matted pair and she was so sad after he passed. I still have my Josey she is 9 years old she is Pug/Chi and she is so funny and sweet. When Tinkerbell passed we buried her next to Napoleon in the back yard. Josey would lay down on their graves and she cried she missed them. If you have a Pug please feel blessed for they are truly one of God’s children.

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