Pug Exercising

These loving and adorable dogs require exercise to keep their weight under control.

Pugs are vulnerable to be overweight and become overweight quickly. However, due to the Pugs stature and nose you must be cautious regarding Pugs and exercising. Pugs have a short nose and it’s hard for them already to breath and that’s why they snore and snort. Therefore Pugs are not able to do a lot of high pace workouts specifically during the heat of the day which could cause the Pug to overheat.

Pugs require exercise like a leisure walk a couple of times a day while it is cool, no long periods of running, even small pool time would be good. Be cautious in the pool, Pugs are known to sink. Thus put your Pug in a life preserver for dogs or be right there with your Pug.

Here are Max and Minnie doing some exercise one the beach:

Source: examiner.com

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