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Pug Puppy Stolen From Girl With Leukemia Recovered

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A girl going through experimental treatment for her leukemia will get the pug puppy she wished for Christmas, due to the perseverance of a Riverside woman.

The pug puppy, which was purchased by Riverside resident Shawna Hamon for a 7-year-old Sacramento girl with leukemia, was retrieved Tuesday from a home in Hollywood, where a friend had concealed the dog, Riverside police Officer Anthony Watkins explained.

Hamon, a member of a pug networking group, had purchased the puppy for the girl after becoming conscious of the girl’s grave illness and her Christmas wish, Watkins said. The pug was to be presented to the child in Sacramento by Hamon’s acquaintance.

The pug never found its way to Sacramento and Hamon told police she was incapable to get it back, even though sending an animal delivery service company and a lawyer to the acquaintance’s home.

Riverside police served a search warrant in Atwater Village Tuesday, along with several other Los Angeles locations. Police say they found the acquaintance learned of the search for the pug and concealed the dog at a neighbor’s house just before officers showed up.

The dog was recovered from the neighbor’s house and returned to Hamon in Riverside, Watkins said. Per airline policies, the pug will be examined by a vet, before Hamon in person delivers the puppy to Pennsylvania, where the girl is going through experimental treatment.

The Los Angeles woman, who wasn’t identified, faces potential theft charges, Watkins explained.

Source: cbslocal.com