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Is There a Remedy for Pug Snoring?

Dogs snore for similar reasons that people snore–because their airways are in some way clogged. This could be because of sleeping in an unusual position, from a facial deformity, from being obese or from having a health problem that has narrowed the dog’s airways.

In case the snoring dog has a short nose (brachycephalic), like the Pug, then they already have a tough time getting sufficient air to breathe.

They will always snore to some degree. If you can, have the dog sleep in another room if the snoring is actually disturbing.

Make sure to take to the dog to the veterinarian when the snoring gets worse or additional noises are added to the snoring like wheezing or rattling.

Waking the snorer up and having them shift position is a short-term solution for human and canine snorers. However any time a dog sleeps curled up, then the dog snores less then when they are laying flat out. Changing a dog’s bed to a round bed might work to reduce some snoring. Leaning the dog’s head up with an extra pillow might as well give enough of a change of position to stop snoring. In case the dog is congested, the utilization of a humidifier can help open up narrowed airways.

In case the dog is congested or is afflicted with allergies, then the dog requires to be under veterinary care. If you do have a dog with breathing difficulties, never smoke around the dog and keep the dog from tobacco smoke whenever possible. If the dog is obese, then all of the extra flesh is pressing down on the dog’s throat, blocking airways. The obese dog will not only be more vulnerable to snoring, but also to far more severe health issues like heart disease, arthritis and diabetes.

Work with your veterinarian to determine your dog’s ideal weight and new diet. If the dog swims, include swimming into the dog’s exercise routine, as this is an excellent way for the dog to burn calories without putting strain on the joints.

Source: ehow.com

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