Pugs: The Good and The Bad

Here are just some of the pros and cons of having a pug…

The Upside:

– Pugs are lovable and natural clowns.
– Pugs are fairly clean
– Pugs aren’t aggressive as a rule.
– Pugs travel well.
– Adult pugs will chill out with you.
– Pugs are adaptable to many situations.
– Pugs are generally great with children.
– Pugs are usually not big barkers.
– Pugs get on with almost all animals.

The Downside:

– Pugs shed a whole lot.
– Pugs can have health problems.
– Pugs cannot tolerate extreme heat.
– Pug puppies are really active.
– Pugs are puppies till they are around 2 – 3 years old.
– Pugs must not be kept as outdoor dogs.
– Pugs can be tough to housebreak.
– Pugs may become overweight very easily.
– Pugs sneeze, snort and snuffle.
– Pugs snore loudly.

Of course, we Pug lovers know that the upsides beat by far the downsides.

Source: paragonkennel.com