Questions For a Pug

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It’s time for some Buddy, the Pug…

…to answer some important questions!

Dad asks and he does his best to answer them…


  • I thought Buddy the pug was a real laugh! He is also so cute; my husband kevin and I have a pug 8 months old named Peppi and he is SO special to us and especially to me. He sleeps with me and sometimes bathes in the shower with me, too! He goes almost everywhere with me. He is really precious.

  • Jerry says:

    Love the pug

  • Janet Wheeler says:

    so cute

  • David M Bass Sr. says:

    Gotta love Buddy the pug. I’ve had pugs since 1980. Have 4 now: Buford, Beulah, Stella, and Stumpy. I love them to the moon and back!👍❤

  • Escobar says:

    He’s cute… I have a pug with her tongue sticking out… most of the time

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