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Sugar Rush Who? 12 Pugs Love Eating Dessert First!

If you’re like most pet owner, you probably feed your dog whatever you have, as long as you know it doesn’t hurt them. For some, a sweet dessert treat is a good way to commend their little pugs for being good boys and girls.

And if there are two things pugs love, it would be sleeping and eating. They love their bowl of dog food and the bits of treats they get from being good boys and girls. But as they say, life is too short – we should eat dessert first.

Here are some of the most adorable pugs who love desserts and not afraid to get sugar rush!

1. Hooman loves teasing her little angels. But good things come to pugs who know how to wait!

2. Sweet watermelon for dessert! But poor pup doesn’t seem to know how to eat one.

3. “Mom brought me cupcakes!”

4. How about a close up of my boop while I eat this colorful treat? 11/10!

5. How to beat the heat? Some good and tasty popsicle! Brain freeze who?!

6. This blind dog got a treat for Christmas! Finally got some sweet cream for being a good girl all year-round!

7. An ice cream cone all for herself! What a lucky puggerino!

8. We love peanut butter, but dogs love it more especially when they get one whole scoop for being good boys and girls!

9. Ice cream tastes better when you share it with your best friend!

10. Good pup enjoying a popsicle stick for a hot summer day.

11. This frozen dessert treat is made especially for our furry best friends so no need to worry if you’re a new pug owner!

12. Nothing beats some nice ice cream after walking. #cheatday