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Kiss Attack

This Pug really loves his owner. Check out this amazing “Pug kiss attack”. 🙂 PUGS RULE! How often do you kiss your dog? Watch & Comment:


Pug Puppy Attack

This is the most adorable attack ever… …a Pug puppy attack! Are you ready? So sweet!


Pug Puppies Attack

Beware of the Pug puppies attack. There are pups everywhere and… …they will lick you to death! SO ADORABLE!


Cat Attacks Pug!

Robert, the Pug, has a new buddy… …Richard, the Cat. The kitten wants to play, but Robert is too tired. In an attempt to play, Richard continues to “attack” Robert!


Under Attack

This Pug is under attack! A cat sneaks up on the Pug and attacks it! Watch out… Well… they’re just buddies playing.


“Pug Attack” Doritos Commercial

The use of pups in Superbowl commercials didn’t start this year… Remember the 2011 Doritos Commercial? Pug Attack is among the all-time favorite Super Bowl commercials of all times… Especially for Pug and dog lovers!! This funny Superbowl commercial was the winner of the 2011 “Crash the Super Bowl” contest. Source: waggingtonpost.com


Pug Attacks Singing Snowman

Minnie and Max are trying to relax… But suddenly Minnie gets irritated by the singing snowman under the Christmas tree… …or probably the fake candy cane was just too appealing… So she attacks the singing snowman! SO FUNNY!