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Baby & Pug

This cute baby loves her little Pug dog. She falls in love with her newest furry toy. Pugs are the best, look at the waggy tail. 🙂 CUTENESS OVERLOAD. 🙂 Does your Pug have a little sister or brother? Watch & Smile:


Baby Laughing at Pugs

Baby Louie is having the time of his life! He is playing with his little furry friends… 🙂 Check out their happiness when they are together. Does your dog like babies? Watch & Smile:


Pug & Baby Car Seat

Baboo the blind Pug is taking a nap in his favorite place in the whole world. He has recently discovered that the baby car seat and the baby blanket are extremely comfortable. SO FUNNY! What is your dog’s favorite place to sleep? Watch & Smile:


Pug & Pacifier

This baby Pug is just being cute… He’s playing with his new mustache dummy! He looks ADORABLE with this funny pacifier. How cute is this pup on a scale from 1 – 10? Watch & Smile:


Panda Baby & Pug

Pug puppies are just the cutest thing in the whole world… This sweet “Panda baby” is playing with a tiny Pug puppy! How old is your pup? Watch & Smile:


Playing Outside

Today, Louie the baby and his furry brothers are playing outside… Look at them having some fun and running around in the garden! What is your pup’s favorite outdoor activity? Watch & Smile:


Running Rings Around Baby

This cute Pug puppy is having a good time while playing with baby Louie… Look at him running rings around the baby and trying to get to the ball. SO CUTE! How old is your pup?


Louie & Puppy Friend

Louie the chubby baby has a puppy Pug friend. They are having a good time together. Look at the puppy… He can’t stop to wag his tail! SO CUTE. Does your dog has a little brother?


Sweetest Kisses Ever

This baby boy loves his little furry friend… He finds himself in his happy place when he wakes up to find his little and cute puppy Pug friend! The puppy is giving him heaps of kisses. Watch & Smile:


New Pug Friends

These Pugs can’t wait to meet the new family member – Baby Louie! Here’s their first meeting Louie and his new Pug friends are very enthusiastic about each other. Certainly this is the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship. Does your Pug like babies?

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