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Oreo & Bruce

Puppies and babies are just the perfect blend… Watch these cute Pug puppies playing with baby Louie… They are having a really good time together! Does your dog have a little brother or sister? Watch & Smile:


Puppies in a Box

Puppies are always ready to make you smile… These gorgeous black Pug puppies are playing with their little brother, baby Louie. CUTENESS OVERLOAD… Puppies and babies are just the perfect match! How old is your pup?


Baby Pug Uses a Loofah

OMG! This little baby Pug is the most adorable thing you’ll see today! Watch him as he plays with a loofah… Is there anything more cute than a baby Pug? Watch and be happy:


Baby Pug Plays Dead

We all love to see little puppies doing tricks… But I think I never saw such a small one playing dead! Isn’t he adorable?


Pug Kissing Giggling Baby

This little Pug really loves his new little brother! He is giving him some many kisses that the baby can’t take it and starts giggling… So beautiful!! Watch and make your day a happy one!


Easter Pug With Baby Ducks

Little baby ducks with a Easter Pug? Could you remember of something more cute than that for Easter time? We Love IT!!!!! Watch and be happy…


Baby Pug In Cotton Ball Land

This adorable baby Pug was curious about cotton balls… We don’t think this poor baby really knows what to do with them, but he sure does look cute with the cotton balls around him! What’s your pup curious about? Let us know!


2 Week Old Pugs on Lifesaver

Baby Pugs are just the most adorable thing in the World! How can we not LOVE these two little guys? Look at them taking a nap in this stuffed lifesaver…

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