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Who’s Cutest? You Decide!!

Who’s the cutest? Baby Rottweiler, Baby Cavalier or Baby Pug? We think you know our choice ha-ha! Let us know yours!


Tiny Pug Puppies Play With Darts

These two Pug puppies are just ADORABLE! Look at how they have fun playing with these small darts, and with each other… Tiny Pugs are the most cute thing ever! Watch and be happy!


Pug Puppy In A Baby Onesie!

I don’t know how I never thought of that… A Pug puppy in a baby onesie!? Doesn’t he look good? I think he really does!


Baby Pug Can’t Get Up!

Poor baby… He can’t get up! Come on baby Pug, you can do it! He is so adorable, we just want to hold him and hug him tight… Don’t you?


Baby Pug Trying to Cook a Meal

This ADORABLE baby Pug is trying to find what to do with his new kitchen tools… Could he be thinking of doing some dinner? So cute!! And after it, him kissing his owner hand is just so lovely… Watch and remember your Pug’s baby time!


Tickle Newborn Pug Puppy

Are you feeling blue? Here’s something to cheer up your day! It’s nap time and this CUTE newborn Pug puppy girl is dreaming… Her owner decides to tickle her little belly… Adorable? Watch and be happy:


Pug vs. Baby: Toy Battle

A Baby and his big brother the Pug are battling for toys… The Pug is trying to get all the toys! He waits for the baby to get near him so it can just run away!


Baby Scares Pug

This pug is taking care of his baby brother… But suddenly the baby sneezes and… …the poor Pug gets scared!

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