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Crying Like a Baby

Luna and her sister Emma went on a car ride with their dad. Luna wants to get out… but dad doesn’t let them cause it’s bad weather outside. So she starts crying like a baby! Poor pup…


Pug Tactics

This Pug has a very special tactic to steal from baby Jack! He makes him laugh and then… …he steals the baby food! Well… he deserves it because he makes baby Jack happy!


Baby Pug Model

Meet Odette, the cute baby Pug. She’s a playful puppy, and loves the camera. We think her dream is to become a model… …and she has the potential!


Baby Loves Her Pug

Is this Love? YES, it is! This baby loves her Pug so much… …that she wants to sleep in his bed! So SWEET & ADORABLE.


Baby Pug Puppies

These tiny baby Pug puppies are the cutest thing in the whole world. The newborn are trying to stand on their 4 paws… …but they are so uncoordinated that they keep on falling! So SWEET & ADORABLE!


Pug Loves Baby

Jack, the Pug loves his Baby brother… …and his brother loves to play with him! Take a look at how the baby is laughing… So cute.


Pushing a Stroller

Jenny is a famous Pug! Her video has been feature on Animal Planet… Here she is, at the age of 8-month-old, pushing her ‘baby’ in a stroller! So sweet & adorable.


Loves Her Baby Sister

Rudy, the Pug, loves her baby sister Dell so much! And Dell loves Rudy’s kisses… PUG + BABY = 100% CUTENESS!


Miss Daddy

Bridget and Frankie miss their daddy so much… They get so excited when Daddy gets home from work. So Adorable!


Making His Brother Giggle

Malcolm, the Pug, loves babies! Here he is barking and making his baby brother giggle. He is a COOL & SWEET Pug! Watch:

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