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Monday Mornings

It’s Monday morning. Momo the Pug illustrates how we all feel on Mondays! He’s having a bad morning… 🙂 Does your pooch do the same thing? Watch & Smile:


Good Pug vs Bad Pug

Meet Tootie and Buddy! Tootie is a good Pug and Buddy is a bad Pug. End of story… But both are adorable!


Trying to Escape…

This video is just HILARIOUS! A Pug knows that he behaved badly… Her owner is scolding her and she tries to escape in the most hilarious way! Watch and you’ll be laughing for quite a while:


Typical Pug Behavior Issues

Pugs are one of the most loved little companion dogs that have graced our homes. Due to the presence they hold in our hearts and homes, issues can appear in their behavior. The majority of these issues have been brought on by their people, whether or not the people know it! One of the issues […]


Pugs: The Good and The Bad

Here are just some of the pros and cons of having a pug… The Upside: – Pugs are lovable and natural clowns. – Pugs are fairly clean – Pugs aren’t aggressive as a rule. – Pugs travel well. – Adult pugs will chill out with you. – Pugs are adaptable to many situations. – Pugs […]