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Crazy Megan

Megan the Pug is just a happy Pug. She’s a rescued dog and now she has a family who loves her. Check how her peculiar barking sounds. 🙂 Does your dog scream like this? Watch & Answer:


Barking at Pillow

This Pug thinks there is a new dog in the house… His owner just bought a HUGE pillow with a Pug printed in it! Look at him defending his home and barking at the pillow. How would your dog react? Watch & Answer:


Bird Barks Back at Pug

Meet Moo Shu, the Pug! He loves to hangout in the backyard looking for birds… He spotted a white parrot and starts barking! Surprisingly the bird mimics the dog’s bark… This footage was taken just months before Moo Shu passed away. RIP Moo Shu.


The Twilight Saga: Barking Dawg Paw 2

Here’s the final installment of the Twilight Saga. After the birth of Rezzie, the Canines gather other vampire clans… …in order to protect the puppy from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Dogturi.


Likes to be Cute

Meet Carlos von der Altenburg, the Pug! Carlos likes to be cute… …and that’s awesome because he is CUTE! Here he is barking.


Making His Brother Giggle

Malcolm, the Pug, loves babies! Here he is barking and making his baby brother giggle. He is a COOL & SWEET Pug! Watch:


The Art of The Silent Bark

Well… Dogs bark! But do you ever wish you could put pup on mute? Watch, Max, the Pug, showing the art of the Silent Bark. No need to adjust your volume! So cute.