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Pug Gets The Most Relaxing Bath Ever

This little Pug is having the time of his life. He’s getting the most relaxing bath ever! Check out his adorable expression during his bubble bath. 🙂 Does your Pug like bath time? Watch & Smile:


Pug & Tub

Barry the Pug is enjoying his bath…. Look at him in the tub having the time of his life! He really likes to be a nice-smelling dog. 🙂 Does your dog like to take a bath? Watch & Smile:


Puppy & First Bath

Some dogs really love bathtime. This Pug pup is enjoying his bath! Chech out how relaxed he’s. 🙂 Does your dog like bathtime? Watch & Smile:


It’s All About Pugs!

Pugs are an amazing breed. Watch them at bath time, eating ice cream, surfing in the ocean… It’s PUG TIME! How many Pugs do you have in life? Watch & Enjoy:


Pug & Wine

Today, Doug the Pug is trying to relax. He decides to go to the wine store and grab some red wine, then he goes to the dog park and finally he gets home for a relaxing bubble bath! Does your Pug have a wig? Watch & Comment:


Bath Time For Puppies

These baby Pugs are the CUTEST PUPPIES EVER. Watch this lovely mommy giving her newborn puppies a nice bath! Does your pup like to take a bath? Watch & Smile:


Finds Bath Toy

This Pug puppy is so adorable… He just found his bath toy on the floor, and it seems that is pretty excited about it when it moves! Does your pup also react like this? Watch and laugh.


Pug Bubble Bath

Grover the Pug is having some fun in the bath! First he is just trying to save his little rubber yellow ducks from drowning in the bathtub! But then he decided to take a bubble bath and enjoy some time swimming and playing with his little ducks! Grover is just too funny! Does your Pug […]


Puppy Blow Dried After Bath

This little baby Pug just got out of the tub after his warm bath! Now this little guy is being blow dried and he is trying to eat the air from the hair dryer! Maybe he still needs to get used to it or maybe he prefers to be dried just with a towel! Do […]


Barry the Pug In the Tub (Take 2)

After Barry’s video went viral his owner made another video with some scenes that were not included. As you can see Barry just loooooooves to take bath in the tub! Watch & Smile:

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