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Pug Whirlpool

It’s bath time at Grandma’s house… This Pug loves to walk around in circles in the bath tub… …and that’s why he is also known as the Pug Whirlpool! LOL


Excited For Bath Time

Does you Pug like bath time? Mango, the Pug, gets so excited when… …her mom says the word bath! So CUTE!


Mango Loves Bathing

Usually dogs don’t enjoy the idea of bathing… But Mango loves it! When his Mom says the word “bath” he gets so excited. Watch it:


Precious Pug Puppies in a Tub

Get ready for the cutest bath you’ve ever seen! These three pugs get wet and covered in bubbles… WARNING: Prepare to melt your heart! Watch 80 Seconds of Precious Pug Puppies in a Tub:


Bathtime For Baby Pugs

It’s bath time for baby Pugs, Freddy, Suzie and Ivan. In this adorable video you see a mama Pug giving her newborn puppies a nice bath! Licking not only gets the puppies clean, but it’s also a way to bond with them. It’s TOO CUTE!

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