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He Loves His Bed!

This beautiful Pug puppy is so adorable!!! Look at him trying out his new bed… He Loves it! Watch and smile!


Puppy Has Fun In His Bed

This cute Pug puppy sure knows how to entertain himself! Look at him just playing and biting his bed… LOL Doesn’t he look adorable?


Bed Time…

It’s time to go to bed! And lovely Clara Francis, the Pug… …loves to dress her cute pajamas. Goodnight sweet little Pug!


Baby Loves Her Pug

Is this Love? YES, it is! This baby loves her Pug so much… …that she wants to sleep in his bed! So SWEET & ADORABLE.


Pug Refuses to go to Bed!

Have you ever looked at a dog and wonder, “How good must it be to sleep all day, wherever you want?” Well, you were not looking at Ozzy. Ozzy hates sleep. This Pug would rather fight to the death than accept a lifetime wasted in slumber. Take a look at this very funny video of […]