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Waking Sweet Baboo

Baboo is a blind Pug who is a heavy sleeper! His owners have to wake him every morning. He likes to wake with a big kiss. 🙂 How ADORABLE is this dog on a scale from 1-10? Watch & Comment:


Those Sweet Eyes

Pugs have huge eyes. In the video, this Pug is doing his best to get his favorite treat! Check out these SWEET and BIG eyes. What is your dog’s best expression? Watch & Comment:  


Playing With the Big Dogs

Meet Howie, a Pug! He loves to play with the other dogs. Howie doesn’t mind that he’s small… …because fun comes in all shapes and sizes!


Minnie & Big Dog

Pugs are small dogs, but they don’t care about it… Look at how Minnie, the Pug, loves to play with big dogs! This huge Great Pyrenees is no exception. So funny & sweet!


Running With a Big Dog

Minnie and Max the Pugs don’t know their own size… …or their speed! These ARE pugs…right? Chasing down their Aussie cousin Midge is all in a days fun!