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Pug Fishing

This little boy is having a good time with his best friends… He decided to tie a bone on the end of a fishing pole and start fishing for Pugs. What is your dog’s favorite outdoor activity? Watch & Smile:


Grover Learns How to Say NO

Probably you’ve faced this a couple of times ha-ha Here is Grover, and he simply does not want to give his bone or his bacon back! He has just learned to say… NO! Does your pup also do the same?


Freaking Out Over Bone

Meet Knefel, the Pug puppy! When he is presented a bone… …he goes absolutely nuts! Watch and smile:


Pug Puppy Eating Spicy Food!?

Meet Kumbidi, the Pug puppy! He’s so hungry that he even eats a piece of spicy bone!? Well… he is not really eating it… he’s just playing with it! So funny! ATTENTION: spicy food can harmful for dogs!