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BEST Brother To Kitten Sister

Pugs are lovely dogs… This Pug is helping raise his kitten sister! Look how cute he’s while teaching his little sister to pounce. 🙂 Does your Pug like cats? Watch & Comment:


Massage From Cat

This Pug is having a precious moment provided by his furry brother. He knows exactly what his cat brother is good for! Check out how relaxed he’s. 🙂 Does your dog have a feline buddy? Watch & Smile:


Homer And Lisa

Homer and Lisa are best friends and love to enjoy some time together! Here they are playing with Lisa’s toy! Looks like Homer is careful while playing with his little sister. Lisa seems to be having lots of fun with her big brother! Does your Pug have a little sister? Watch and smile:


Pug Loves Baby

Jack, the Pug loves his Baby brother… …and his brother loves to play with him! Take a look at how the baby is laughing… So cute.