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It’s Not Cleaning Time

This Pug things that it’s not the time to clean… He won’t let his owner clean the floor! It’s playtime right now. Does your dog act the same way? Watch & Comment:


Brushig Teeth

This a tutorial for you to learn how to brush your Pug’s teeth. Watch the video and learn how to easily and effectively perform this task. How often do you brush your Pug’s teeth? Watch & Learn:


How To Brush Your Pug’s Teeth

As with humans, these canine dental problems can actually lead to life-threatening infections and issues including heart, liver, and kidney disease. So it’s very important for your Pug to have clean and healthy teeth and gums. This video will show you a few easy tips on how to keep your pug’s teeth and gums clean!


Pugs Cleaning The Floor

Minnie, the Pug, is playing with her friend Scarlett! Well… Mom and dad are happy they are playing this way… …Minnie is cleaning the floor with Scarlett! Who needs Maid Service?


Green Pug Becomes Blue

Puglet, the Pug, and his friends go to the beach to commemorate World Ocean’s Day. They all had a good time, however it could have been better. Watch to discover exactly why and find out how you can help maintain the ocean clean, alive and blue for all to appreciate. Aside from the yellow duckie, […]