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Crazy Megan

Megan the Pug is just a happy Pug. She’s a rescued dog and now she has a family who loves her. Check how her peculiar barking sounds. 🙂 Does your dog scream like this? Watch & Answer:


Puppies Go Crazy With Their Owner Arrival!

One Pug puppy is lovely… A pack? OMG! These cute little Pugs just got crazy when their owner arrived, and they made sure he knew how much they love him… Watch an be happy!


Excited to be at a Pet Store!

Our beloved dogs are pretty smart! And they sure do remember the places they’ve been happy… This Pug just loses it after he realizes he is at a pet store… Probably some new toys are coming hey buddy? Watch and laugh!


Crying or Possessed?

Pugsley, the Pug, just had his front paw wrapped because it has a cut in it. Poor baby… He has a boo boo! Here he is making crazy noises… we’re not sure if he’s crying or if he’s possessed!? (His foot is OK!)